No Longer Available Directstream DAC External Power Controller Boards

I have had Forum members ask for more External Power Supply Boards for our Directsream Sr. DAC’s. We can do batch runs of five (5) or more boards. Anyone who is interested please Respond here.
If and when we reach the four or five mark I will order and build them after we receive payment. I will notify each member who signs up when we are ready to follow through.


If you don’t have one already I highly recommend this board! Great upgrade!!


Super easy install too. Any drop a new fuse in while in there.

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Tsk tsk… Not two changes at once! :warning:


You caught me…So true. I hate the way PS Audio buried the fuse inside. Wonder if there was a reason for that?


Only one (1) board available now.

Taking Pre Orders


Please put me down for one external power board please

What is the cost ?

$300 shipped.

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Please put me on the list. Thanks for doing this!


Looks like we only have 2 request. If we get 1 more I will start the order process.

I’m interested, but have a question. I have a P20 which feeds the DS DAC. What’s the improvement of adding this guy in your opinion and interaction with the p20? Thanks

This power supply board is an interface to add an external power supply for the analog board inside of the DAC. I plug my DAC and external power supply into a PS audio power plant.


What psu would you suggest?

If you want to try something relatively inexpensive cost wise but has surprisingly good build:

Another good choice that I’m currently using is a Farad.


It’s virtually plug & play. It slots into the bridge slot on the back of the DS. The supply socket for the analogue board plugs straight into the controller board. A socket on the backplate allows you to plug in a linear power supply for improved sound quality. If the linear power supply is not switched on/present the board will automatically revert to the existing internal power supply.The board itself has filtering to improve sound quality. The board also draws a small current from the existing internal supply which has a positive effect. Even if you don’t have a linear power supply right now, you can fit this board and get the LPS at a later date It’s a unique design. I’m looking forward to getting mine in this latest batch :grinning:



@jkrichards I’m in!

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Are you sure?

In my ignorance, that sounds like a bad idea.


What’s the point of the board without a PSU?