Dedicated Line dilemma

Hello and hope the community is doing well and healthy. So, couple months back refinished my basement with 2x 20amp dedicated lines for my equipment. well, after some time I realized that that my components are best suited on the opposite wall…the furthest wall from the dedicated lines. they are now pretty useless as It wouldn’t make sense to run an extension cord to my amp and a conditioner. Which brings me to another thing, I was using a monster power conditioner 3500 pro that (i felt) really choked my preamp, T/T and DAC. I am waiting for a good deal on a P10 to grab, but do have a Dectet on the way to plug in those units and plan to keep my amp plugged directly into the closest wall outlet, unfortunately not the intended dedicated line. Does anyone have or had a similar issue with a solution, outside of moving my rig back, which unfortunately is not in cards? thank you!

Pay someone to run a tap from your 20a lines to the other side of the room?

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my electrician is coming today-for another issue. I will ask what option would be easier, hook up another line, or run a tap. the issue with running another line was, the room is now completed and would require some patch work if he can’t snake the cables through all my sound proofing in the walls.

If your listening room walls have been thoroughly soundproofed, trying to fish new wiring through them without cutting access holes in the drywall will likely be a challenge. As an alternative your electrician could surface mount the extension in Wiremold metal raceway or similar.

My electrician just completed the install of three new 20a dedicated circuits to replace the pair of 15a circuits previously feeding the gear in my man cave. Fishing new wires through the elaborately soundproofed 5/8" drywall glued over 5/8" OSB walls was not an option. Once the track, mounting clips, and protruding receptacle boxes were painted to match the walls, I don’t find the raceway visually distracting. BTW, the BX armored cable and fat speaker cables snaking down the wall in the back corners are hidden by floor-to-ceiling columns of ATC TubeTraps.


thank may be an option, although there is a a lot of wall space. That said, if it is laid at the base of the wall it will be out of the way…will chat with him today. thanks you.

That looks really good


Hey All a quick update in hope to get some folks to weigh in on. I now have a P15 regenerator in place-I have the option of installing a dedicated line to my equipment. Is it worth the effort for the return with a P15 already in place? Also, if it is a 20amp, I guess I will need a 20amp power cord from the p15 to wall?

No, the cord size depends on the maximum current draw of your equipment. The P15 is fine with a 15amp power cord.
Everyone that upgraded to a 20amp dedicated circuit has nothing but positive things to say about it including myself. You won’t regret it. If you have the opportunity to put in 20 amp curcuits, I would put 2. Use #10 wires as a lot of us find it sounds better than #12 wires and keep your neutral wires dedicated also. You will hear it instantly when you plug into a dedicated 20amp circuit compare to a dirty 15 amp old circuit. Good luck.

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thank you for the information. So, my THD before P15 is as high as 8.8% and it’s filtered to .03%-Should I expect it to be lower with a dedicated line? Also, what did you mean by, “and keep your neutral wires dedicated also”?

You’re doing good getting from 8.8% to 0.3%. It may be lower with a dedicated circuit or it may not change at all. It depends on the source of the distortion.

A dedicated line or circuit by definition includes a dedicated load, neutral and ground wire all the way back to the load center (breaker panel). Sometimes electricians will use the same neutral or ground line for two circuits, you don’t want this, you want one or both circuits for your audio gear to have all 3 wires for circuit.

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thanks. think I got that now. So, it seems as though even with no potential downward movement of THD-I would def exp better SQ with it in place-Also, advised to continue to plug in all my sources and AMP direct into the P15.

Yes, it’s the reduced impedance that improves dynamics and SQ. Unless your amp(s) are heaters/class A I would plug everything into the P15.


No problem. You can try it both ways but I think you’ll like it on the P15 and it’s unlikely to present too much load.

yup-with the amp plugged in i am at 25%