Amplifier to P10 with Dedicated Lines? Or Not?

Via professional electrician, I’m about to install dedicated lines into my listening room, which is already equipped with a PS Audio P10. Right now, I’m running my McIntosh MC352 amplifier into the P10 with good results.

Q: what is the wisdom on running the amplifier into the P10 (or running direct to the wall) after installation of the dedicated lines? I am planning on using PS Audio Power Ports as well.

And yes: I know questions like this one (direct to wall vs. power conditioner/regenerator) are controversial. But I’m trying to make a good decision specific to the P10.

Also: is 30A and 10 gauge wire the right set up for dedicated lines?



I had dedicated 20A lines installed. In my case, amps to P10 was not an option (my mono blocks overload the P10 output); however, the upside has been great isolation of my front end components from the demands of the power amps, and with a 20A circuit, with the power amps on, there’s only a 1V drop out of the wall, and less distortion (the P10 doesn’t have to work as hard).

If you go with power amps direct to the wall, I recommend you use shielded power cable – night and day difference in sound.

My 2 cents…

Hi Jim,

Definitely yes! I like to crank it up and I’ve never blowin’ a breaker! I have dedicated lines run to the breaker box installed too, it was my first step and messy! I went with 2 x 20 amp lines, 4 sockets on 2 separate circuits. The more the better! In hindsight, I would have done 3 lines and 6 sockets, for future expansion, but 4 is adequate. In my opinion 20 amps is more than enough. I noticed you have to worry about the watt load more than amp load.

I have a MC402 and MC205 on my P10. Also, the Blu-ray player, DS DAC, etc each draw only a couple watts and draw under 2 amps total. Those are plugged into my P10 too. Watching the P10 info screen. While listening to music in 2 channel, MC402 only, amps isn’t the problem at right under 800 watts I may pull 5-6 amps and my P10 is at 65% - 70% output. I listen to a lot of metal and rock so I really drive my Mac’s, that’s one socket used.

My sub is plugged directly into the wall since the sub runs at lower frequency I’m not too worried about distortion and it would tax my P10 too much, it’s rated at 1250 watts with peaks up to 3000 watts, that’s 2 sockets used.

Also, my plasma uses A LOT of watts, around 450! So, I have it plug into an old Monster HTS3500 Power Center on another socket, that 3 sockets used. Actually, which I prefer the picture quality on the HTS3500 over the P10.

Also, think about quality interconnects, speaker wire, and power cords. I have about $7,000 invest in those but it makes a big difference. I would say about 20% SQ improvement.

Overall, on the Home Theater side of the house, MC402 and MC205, I watch HD TV & Blu-Ray’s in 5.1 and it draws maybe 300 watts total, 3-4 amps, and the P10 not even breaking a sweat at around 25% - 30% capacity with the sound cranked up! On the “2 channel” side of the house, MC402 only. I can get right up to 70% capacity on my P10 running 800 watts and around 6-7 amps.

Hope my advice helps!


OK, so the dedicated line project is complete. We went with 2 x 20Amp dedicated lines terminating in PS Audio Power Port Classic duplex outlets. Wire used is 10 gauge per my request. Right now, everything is plugged into the P10, which in turn is plugged into one of the dedicated lines. For those interested in budget, my electrician charged about $600.00 for the dedicated lines installation, which involved underground lines and of course digging, including tunneling under a sidewalk to run the conduit.

Results are superb thus far. There is definite improvement in musical soundstage and imaging with the new dedicated lines. Detail and note articulation is also improved with recordings I’ve tried thus far. Best of all, the can’t-figure-it-out electrical hum I’d been getting at high volumes (with MC phono) is now gone, thank goodness.

Am I robbing the MC352 of necessary/helpful power by not running it direct to the wall/duplex outlet (rather than through he P10). Sure doesn’t sound as if that is the case! BTW, the P10 tells me that the wall is delivering 124V rather than the precise 120V post-P10.

My REL sub is still plugged direct to the wall (albeit with a new PS Audio Power Port Classic) mainly out of convenience and a short AC cord.

Curious: are large mono bloc users in this community using dual P10s? I guess you can tell which way I’m headed!

Thanks very much to Dave and Jah for the very helpful project advice.

As long as the power draw is within the range of the P10 you should have more power available through the P10 than from the wall, at least on an instantaneous basis, as the P10 has lower impedance than the wall (thanks to a lot of capacitors).