Denon DP-3000NE

Anyone here has first hand experience with this table? Good and Bad points? Thinking of getting rid of my 15 year old Rega 3 and get a new production unit.

Only looking for a good enough everyday table, so I can spin whatever few records I have in my collection.

The build is another world compared to my old Rega P3, however, the headshell isn’t flat and has this twin grove that preventing me from mounting a Rega Alpheta 3 which is too wide…

Grrr… this reminded me how/why I don’t like fiddle with turtables again…

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Possibly a head shell upgrade is in order. IME with turntable set-up your patience will be rewarded.
I am going through a system re-configruation necessitated by component upgrades. The tear down and reassembly is an activity I loathe.

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I ordered some Ortofon flat headshells with different colors, will probably grab an 2M Black in the process. This can’t be an unknown issue being Denon is on the TT market for like forever… Can’t believe why it is so hard to make such a minor change to a headshell design…

The unit is so nicely build however, that’s the plus side, the pics a videos online don’t do it justice, I’m fine with it just sitting there so I can just stare at it. :joy:

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Had a 2M black on a VPI Traveller Mk 2, still miss it.

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I think I had the cartridge dialed in by following watching many setup videos on Youtube, short of using a USB microscope…

Now I’m in trouble again, I’m going through all my records one by one, that’s a sure sign lol.