Inexpensive turntable for light use

Sorry if this is a dup thread, but I am interested in getting a turntable for my Sprout system (I just lost all the BHK guys…). I have a pretty small record collection, but would like to play them on occasion. I’ve seen a lot of newer turntables that seem to be oriented at the Sprout-type scene. Any thoughts on the tables by makers like Fluance, Uturn, or Orbit?

No judgement here. The real shame would not be enjoying those records.

What would be your ideal price point?

VPI cliffwood or Player

I’ll add that the lower/mid range of Rega tables are great. Take a look at the RP3.

I’d like to keep it around $500. With a cartridge. I can upgrade that later if I wish. Sprout has a dandy phono preamp so I’m good there.

For $500 the fluance RT85 would be where I would be going. The servo motor is a big step up from any of the u turn tables, a speed change mechanism is far more convenient than moving a belt and the detachable head shell is a cool feature too if you fancy having a few carts on the go.

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All Rega and Project are great value and plenty used available.

Buy a used table that was over your budget vs a new one at your budget. Better TT likely. I’d stay clear of Music Hall, IMO.

Yeah, that’s the one I’m leaning toward right now.

I would personally go Rega at that price point.

Absolutely nothing wrong with Music Hall. I’ve had several over the years including my current 7.3. Never a single issue. Dead silent operation and rock solid speed. I’ve had equally good results with Project as well.

I would not touch a U-Turn. If you read the reviews out there, they have more than their share of issues. Speed control being a major one.

Rega TT’s are great, and from what I have seen and read so far, Fluance TT’s are pretty darn good as well for the money.

I have owned 2 MH tables. A 2.1 and a 5.1. Both no matter what I tried ( and I tried alot ) I could not use my subs in the room. I had to turn them off. If I just had the tonearm lightly drop down on a record that wasn’t even spinning I’d get a bass bump ( normal ) then it would start. The resonance would build and build until the subs were going mad.

I tried isolation, spikes, floating table, etc. It finally went away when I sold the 5.1 and bought a less cost VPI traveler. I how have a classic 3 Sig and I never had the issue again. This may not be everyone’s issue but it was for me. They just didn’t work for me. I like a TT that is as heavy as possible. Seems to work better in my system and room.

Odd to say the least about those rumble issues.

My first MH was the mmf-5. Much later after that, an mmf-2.1, then a 5.1. A long time between than one and the 2.3 I had a few months back, I played around with a bunch of direct drive tables. Now I’m back with the 7.3. None of them ever gave me any issues.

Of course, with that being said, if I had the chance, I would upgrade from the 7.3 to a VPI Prime Scout in a hot second!

Has anyone tried the IsoAcoustics GAIA III feet under a VPI TT?

One word of advice for TT isolation. Wall shelf. Okay maybe two words.

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