Depressing female vocals

Better you than me. Hate opera. Putting the light… Time for sleep.

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It’s tragic rather than depressing. Doesn’t stop it being extraordinarily beautiful.

It was actually one of my musical highlights in many years. Being in the middle of row 3 or 4 helped, but Christopher Maltman as Ashton has a hugely powerful voice that is quite terrifying at times that close up.

Most tragic events are depressing. Remember, you posted it as an exemplar in a thread entitled “Depressing female vocals.” :slight_smile:

And it is opera, which most dislike - especially sopranos - even if you happen to like it.

I do not know the movie so this reference is lost on me.

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Excerpt from W.A. Mozart: IDOMENEO feat. Henriette Bonde-Hansen (soprano), Adam Fischer (conductor) and the Danish National Chamber Orchestra. Complete opera available on SACD released on DRS 6.220586-89 (4 CD)

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Since 2006, she has been married to Cuban tenor Reinaldo Macias.

Thank you people

Know to recommend especially something similar to the OP posts’s links?
I just love well-made “whatever-the-f-core” music like Linea Aspera. Don’t know what to call the genre, but it’s distinctly just that type of music.

According to Wikipedia:

Linea Aspera is a dark wave/minimal wave band formed in London, England started in 2011. A musical duo, they are fronted by vocalist Zoè Zanias (born Alison Lewis), with Ryan Ambridge on synthesizers. Zanias writes the lyrics while Ambridge writes the electronics, as well as mixing and producing the recordings.[1][2]

That genre is a new one for me but then I’m hardly au courant.


I know it’s officially darkwave, I just don’t think it’s that dark.

Well - I have to say I prefer the “fifth element” take on it, once that vibrato kicks in I’m out. It was, marginally less painful than the worst opera sopranos I have heard though, if that helps :slight_smile:

Incidentally @elk it’s not a bad science fantasy film, entertaining in places, worth a watch.

@stevensegal - I shall wash out my ears with some AC DC a.k.a. the most successful Australian Bar band in the world :wink:

I take my hat off to you. Better man than me. I love all forms of music but I draw a firm line between me and opera.

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The Cranberries - The Discography
: )

The movie is probably quite good given it appears many here have seen it.

I just do not watch movies. I get bored very quickly, with rare exception.

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About movies…
May I recommend “Revolver”
It’s NOT a gangster flick - the reviewers surely had no idea what “ego death” means.
Have to mention that this movie is visually and acoustically the most stunning I’ve seen and heard, not to mention the “plot”…

me too, my wife watches things, i drift in and out of the tv room, with that film i stayed for several ten or fifteen minute stretches, which means i liked it :slight_smile:


I fully relate.

Most of the movies I watch I have done so for cultural literacy. There have not been any in the last couple of years which I recall feeling I need to see for this reason.

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Annie Lennox:

  • Dark Road
  • Smithereens

Generally ‘Songs of Mass Destruction’ is a beautiful album, but depressing! Lol!



Aimee Mann:

  • Satellite
  • Just like anyone
  • That’s how I knew this story would break my heart
  • Humpty Dumpty
  • This is how it goes
  • Invisible ink
  • It’s not

Aimee has some of my favorite material to listen to but a lot of it’s depressing.

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Insanely wonderful album…


Now this I like!

Julian Baker - Appointments
Freya Ridings - Lost Without You
Julia Stone - By the Horns