Eddi Reader

If you are into female vocalists, Eddi is certainly worth considering.

She has also done a series based on the poetry of Robert Burns that match wonderfully with her style.

For those who “also” listen to lyrics, check her out.

http://www.ted.com/speakers/eddi_reader [ two tracks well worth a listen].

You might remember at hit she had.


I know the tune and music like this sounds fantastic on many more systems then complex music. To me it’s also just more pleasing to the ears , easy listning so to speak.


Did you listen to the ones on the link too?

No sorry just that one and I think I have others from her somewhere .


Listen to the words of "What You’ve Got."

Actually many of her songs are more than songs.

NOTE also Thomas Dolby on the piano.


At my sons karate nice easy music calming seems very clear on my iPad anyway.