Desktop amplifier suggestions

hey guys, new desktop setup.

Right now have the KEF Q150s (likely return)
Waiting on Triangle Bro2 (coming tomorrow)

Looking for an amplifier suggestion for desktop setup.

Using DSJr, Sonores Signature Rendu SE + Matrix for front end. Schiit Freya+.

Currently have a crown 2 channel but its just too big for desktop.

Any suggestions on small solid state amplifier that can fit on desk?
MUST have balanced inputs (ruled out sprout)
Price range <$1000

Any thoughts?

Schiit Ragnarok $1499


Appreciate that. its a bit too pricy for me I think ATM

Perhaps I can find a used one.

Any comparisons between the Stellar S300 and the Ragnarok 2?

Used PS Audio S300 at tmraudio for just under $1000, though shipping makes it a little over
There’s a silver one and a black one. You can always negotiate or make an offer online.


I just saw that as well!

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Still debating. I love the fact that the Ragnarok has a headphone output as well. Its a desktop setup so its very very possible that I would be thinking of purchasing my very first set of headphones.

Maybe I need to increase my price. UGH… thanks alot @adifferentpaul LOLLL

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In that case I won’t tell you how good, and I mean truly fantastic the M1200 monoblocks are. :wink:

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I believe you. Ive got a BHK250 with Tekton DIs downstairs :smiley:

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I have a Raggy2. I love it but wouldn’t think of it for a desktop application. But I guess it depends on how big your desk is. But if it isn’t too big you might consider something like Vidar + Magnius.
My next desk top setup will be a Jotunheim feeding powered speakers or a Vidar or Aegir sitting under the desk feeding passive speakers.
Back to the Raggy2, the more I try to replace it the more I come to appreciate how very good it is. Very good sound to my ears. All kinds of input and outputs options, including preout which is currently feeding M1200s, an excellent headphone amp, selectable gain, and a 5 year warranty. What’s not to like.

I found one for $1000!

Everything I’ve read makes it a great buy at that price. It will be in soon. I have an L shaped desk and plan to put more of the big gear underneath. Not on top of the desk.

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Sparkos Aries.

I replaced my Stellar Gain Cell DAC with the Aries.

Absolutely great for desktop use. Solid as a preamp, and headphone amp. Flexible intuitive controls.

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