Jotunheim as a speaker preamp?

Has anyone used a Schiit Jotunheim Headphone Amp/Preamp to feed power amps?
I currently have a Schiit Ragnarok preamp out feeding a pair of M1200. I want to replace the Raggy with a dedicated preamp but am not sure yet what direction I want to go.
I’d eventually get a Jotunheim for a desktop system anyway and would consider getting it now as an interim speaker preamp if it’s as good or better than the Raggy pre.

I would think the Ragnarok would be better than Jotenheim because it has the better volume control. The Jot just has a pot for volume.

You could also step it up to a full Freya S.

I use a Jot with my desktop system.

I have a Jot. A friend with a Ragnorak says his Utopias sound better on his Rag than my Jot. I’ve not yet tried my LCD2s on his Rag.

You’d probably get the best answer from Schiit.

ps----I used a Valhalla 2 as a preamp while my regular preamp was being serviced and it sounded great, as most Schiit products do.

Thanks much. That’s all I’m looking for.

You’d think so. I asked but received a very generic answer that didn’t come close to the question. Maybe I wasn’t specific enough.

Your Valhalla comment is quite helpful though. Thank you.

I am coming to better appreciate how good the Ragnarok is.

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I’m using a Jotunheim 2 with my active speakers (and a pair of ZMF headphones) in my home office. Works great and sounds very decent