Devastating Multimedia Overview of the Notorious 1969 Altamont Speedway Free Festival

I am sorry I missed Woodstock, but I am so glad I was not at Altamont . . .


They should have hired Wavy Gravy instead of the Hell’s Angels.

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I lived about 20 miles from that venue at the time. I had just started my Jr year in HS and was about 3 weeks shy of my 17th birthday. I can’t remember why I didn’t consider going as we were always going to concerts in S.F. and the surrounding area. We used to go to the Fillmore and Golden Gate Park, and I remember going to the Northern California Folk-Rock Festival in Santa Clara earlier that year, which was a multi-day affair.
Anyway, the SF Bay Area was really cool starting around 1965 with the peaceful attitude and weed and acid being the primary drugs, but toward the end of the decade it started going south when ‘other’ drugs started coming into play and seedier people started filtering in. But for around 2 - 2 1/2 years or so it was great. Looking back now it just doesn’t surprise me that something like that happened around that particular time frame. And like the article mentioned, Livermore is getting into redneck territory.