Differences in output volume PWD to DSD?

Hello digital fans,

I changed over to a DSD from the PWD in December 2019. I noticed immediately that my pre-amp required an increase of about two steps to equal the same listening level. I left the system in tact for break-in until June before experimenting with the setup. I’ve decided to compare the DACS connected directly to the amp to remove any variables from the path. There is no question that the output level is lower in the DSD and I’m baffled as to the reasons. This is because I thought that the difference was in the digital realm. I’ve also made certain that the attenuator is not activated on the DSD. Before I call PS I’m wondering if there’s something I missed. Thankfully there is a community here for those of us ready to lose our heads.

Your DSD is fine. The DSD is -3dB referenced to the PWD.

That is by design, a result of the analog output design. It’s a significant difference indeed. All I can say is. . . if you have a preamp it’s not a big problem and you get used to it.

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Elk’s right. The PWD did have more gain than the DSD. All is good and I reckon you’ll like the sound better with the pre in the system.

Well, it can be a problem for some (like me).
1.4VRMS opposed to the nominal 2.8VRMS (XLR) for the DS constitute a problem for me even when I use a standard preamp. Sometimes during quiet passages the volume is set to max.
My preamp gain is +12dB.
I am aware of the reasoning behind this, though.
This will not be a problem with the TSS.

I’m sorry that is the case. I’m lucky that I can use the salanced out and have a preamp, well two, with gobs of gain.

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