Different strokes

No power amplifier is more sensitive to the incoming AC power as a class D and that makes it critical to run it off the best power you can manage whether that’s from a Power Plant or perhaps you’re lucky […]


When Boone’s Farm Strawberry Wine won’t do it… Pass the Ripple. :smiley:





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I own the amp linked below which has is a Class D design with an analog power supply which weighs in at over 60 pounds:


With the right associated gear and wires it can sound magical; at least to my ears. Although it has resisted every passive power conditioner that I have ever tried with it and has alway sounded best plugged directly into its own dedicated AC line. Well that is until now when I tried it with my new P10. Wow! :smiley: Not sure if it has anything to do with Class D and I don’t care, but its not going to get unplugged from the P10 anytime soon! =; It loves being powered by either SineWave or MW AC from the P10.