Question for the Class D amplifier owners

For class D amplifier owners specifically PS audio Stellar class D amps. How many fellow class D amplifier owners also have A PS Audio Power Plant that the class D amplifier or amplifiers is/are connected to? If so how much of an improvement did you notice over running the class the amplifier without the power plant? Thank you for your time!

I have the M1200s. They are plugged into a P12. Power cords for all three are Pangea Audio AC 9SE MkII. I think the P12 was worth the cost. It doesn’t hurt that I picked it up during their Fall sale. I’m hearing deeper, more musical bass, better imaging and sound stage and the improvement to dynamics is stunning.

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Hi Paul,
I have a couple of M700s and added a P15 power plant after two years (needed more plugs than what’s on P12). It is hard to quantify the improvement, and even harder to quantify it in relation to the power amps as I think the whole system benefited from being powered by a power plant. Audible improvements were in sound stage, bass definition, instrument and vocal delineation. Sound is more natural with the power plant.

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I’ve had a Stellar P3 for 4 months. I connected the power supplies for 4 source components to it and got improvements across the board on sound quality. My power amp is Primare A.60 (class D) rated at 300watts. As an experiment last month I swopped the power supply of one of the (little-used) components for that of the power amp. I fully expected to get warning changes of colour of the blue LED on the P3 as the total power requirement (adding figures from specs of the sources and the power amp) is well over 400watts. No problems at all, even when I turned the volume way beyond anything I would ever listen at - the power blue LED stayed unblinkingly blue!
To answer your question the changes in sound quality I noticed were in general small in all the areas mentioned above, however there was a very noticeable reduction in high-treble rawness and congestion. As a result I could play music at a higher volume without distortion and experience a higher dynamic range - the music became more exciting.
When I bought the P3 I regarded it as a no-brainer cost-effective way of improving the sound obtainable from system sources but now I think it’s an inexpensive must-buy for complete systems. For the great majority of systems I’d guess the P3 300watt rating is sufficient.

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I have M700s powered by a “mere” Stellar P3. They, along with everything else in the system except the subwoofer and the turntable motor, are run off of the P3’s regen outlets. The system, including the P3, never strains at all, and I’m super happy with the sound I’m getting, but I have to admit I haven’t tried it with the M700s getting their power elsewhere. I just plugged it all in together and started listening. That was almost 4 weeks ago now.

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I think I know where you’re heading. I do have the M700 (as you might remember) and a P12. I am thinking there would be a bigger tonal difference jumping from the M700 to M1200 versus adding a power plant (from getting more tubes in the signal path). I would recommend jumping to the M1200 first, then adding a power plant later.

I went from M700 to M1200 and then added the P12. Since the M700 had been traded when I got the P12 it would be very difficult for me to tell you which would be more bang for the buck.

I bought the M1200 and P15 at the same time. however I did connect M1200 to my old TAD Power Purifier for a few days to break in. When I switched to P15, the overall improvement was significant. Later I added a AQ Thunder cord from the wall to the P15 and the improvement was again significant.

I think all PS Audio gears work great together and their power plants will bring out their best performance.


Yes indeed adifferentpaul that is the direction I’m considering. I would love a pair of BHK 300’s but financially it isn’t possible now. Not that the M1200’s are cheap or affordable by any means but compared to the BHK 300’s they are. I know a lot of people take the BHK 250 route which I have no doubt is a phenomenal amplifier but I’m sticking to the mono blocks due to current set up and cable cost. Reading that the m1200’s were voice matched to the same setup I’m using and the positive reviews that both press and forum members are writing its hard to be patient when I’m looking for that next sonic upgrade!

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davidnapo, How are you liking the m1200’s compared to the M700’s?

I was fairly skeptical that I would hear any difference when adding the Stellar P3 to my SGCD and M700s. I picked up the P3 at a good price from a forum member, so it was also well broken in. Imagine my surprise when I plugged everything in and there was an obvious difference. It was kind of like a lot of the background sound suddenly took a step forward. I don’t really understand why it would make that much of a difference, but I’m a believer.

To put it in perspective, I was skeptical that power cords would make a difference but swapped out the stock cords on the SGCD and M700s with some AQ NRG4 power cords that I found on sale at half price. Could not hear any difference in SQ at all.


After buying the M700s I thought things were as good as they could get. A little over two years later the M1200s came out. Reading what others were saying about the improvements, and being offered 30 days risk free in home audition and a generous trade, I went for them. First, you must let them burn in a couple hundred hours or more. They aren’t kidding about that. My stereo is in the basement. I turned on the radio and let it play softly 24/7. After that I settled in for some serious listening. If you like the M700s, you will love the M1200s. They are, simply put, more musically engaging in every way. The imaging, the sound stage, the bass; everything is better. I haven’t changed tubes, as others here have and really don’t feel incline to. I suppose it’s always nice to have that option. If you can swing them I doubt you’d part with them after 30 days. You can even A/B them with your M700s. Even before the M1200s burned in, I thought then sounded better than the M700s and never took them back out of the system. Good luck!


Thanks, David. What a wonderful review. You couldn’t be more correct. The M1200s are simply a killer amplifier. A work of passion from Darren Myers.

If you’re interested, here’s another break-in g review.

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After slogging around posts it seems this one is as good as any to fire off a few questions. With regards to the Stellar P3:

I was considering purchasing linear power supplies for a modem and ethernet switch when I realized plugging into the regenerator is essentially the same. Why stop there? I plugged the power strip that has all associated internet components, computer and HDMI switch into an unused receptacle. I do not detect any SQ loss and have eliminated remaining ground loop issues (oh that demon is relentless in this 1917 apartment building that mixes knob and tube with modern circuit breakers, phone distribution bonded to a water pipe instead of building ground and don’t get me started with the cable provider, but I digress). Reality is building power is as dirty as it gets and I’ve very few options when it comes to choosing a circuit to use. Is using the P3 as a source for powering mentioned equipment taboo?

Second P3 question. I am using regen power (not filtered) on preamp/DAC, phono preamp, and a pair of M1200’s without sending the P3 into yellow or red state. Specs for M1200’s state 600w minimum at 8 ohm, times 2. The P3 sustains 300w as I understand. I have everything in my system connected and this baby doesn’t even notice. And speakers are not what anyone would consider efficient at 87db and yet I can turn it up past the point of neighbors pounding on the door. Wonderful for me but I’m not understanding how is this possible?

I appreciate your feedback in advance. Please understand I went from low end AVR quality music to where I am now during COVID. Not a lifelong audiophile by any means. Just someone who appreciates listening to music.

Two possibilities:
1)You are not playing music loud enough to use enough power to trip the P3.
2) You have the M1200’s connected to the “High Current” outlets on the P3.
Also, the 600W minimum at 8 ohms is actually a minimum maximum value, that if you push the amp that hard, it will deliver a minimum of 600 watts at it’s maximum output into 8 ohms. But the amp is not normally trying to use (or pump out) anywhere near 600 watts of power per channel. My M700’s, for instance, use 21 watts per amp when fully on (according to my P12 regenerator).

Class D amps working their magic. Sounding great, little load.

Enjoy don’t analyze!


Thanks for the responses. My suspicion was the amps are barely being pushed and your explanation of minimum/maximum is sensible.

I am enjoying the magic!