Sine or Multi for Class D?

What do you think would be the best way to feed a Class D power-amp with, Sine or MultiWave?

I use my ears to decide. For me it’s multiwave.

Thanks for your suggestion, what Class D amp do you have?

No class D, I have BHK300’s, but I always use my ears to determine the final decision. My P5 supports my source devices. My Amps are on a separate circuit.

I use Theta Prometheus amps and slightly prefer multiwave to sinewave, but the difference is small. Previously, when I was using the DIY nCore amps which had switching power supplies, I preferred sinewave and recall feeling more strongly about the difference then.

My recommendation as alluded by watchdog507 is to listen - keep one setting for a few days, then switch to the other for a few. You will know.

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Watchdog 507, do you have a pair of Elac 507 like me or does it stand for something else?

Just three digits of my home address

I have a P10 and M700. I’ve tried on several occasions, for days, I don’t hear a difference. However, in MW6 the P10 reports less THD output and less watts output and holds voltage steadier.

May not apply to P20 or other class-D amps

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