Digital link 3 usb and Coax

Hi everyone,

yesterday I got myself a digital link 3 dac and I am verry happy with it. on coax it works great but usb only mac seems to work and the optical doesn’t work, I tried with my chromecast audio and tv but nothing works… What could this issue be?
audioquest optical cable.(works fine on pink faun DAC)
ps audio power centre quintet.
siltech powercable all is checked for functioning and all is working great

Strange behavior for sure. I have a DL III as well but my USB stopped working. PS audio said it was too old to repair which doesn’t matter that much to me, I use coax. I would guess if you don’t get any love from USB with Windows you may need a driver. Does your LOCK light activate with optical? Just one more thing to troubleshoot. You could open it up and see if there is something loose around the optical input, if not ya might just have to get a optical to coax converter (if you have to have optical) but that will likely degrade your signal…