Direct Stream DAC + Bridge vs. DS DAC + DS Memory Player

I’m using Direct Stream DAC + Bridge with Synology DS216+II as media server.
I haven’t any physical CD/SACD, so I’m interested only in best quality digital files playback.

Is there will be much improvment if I add DS Memory Player to the system and play audio files through this device from USB-stick or network?


Short answer: No.
Long answer: No.

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Agreed, not the purpose of the DMP. Just adding extra parts.

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I agree with the others. I think the only way you might get an improvement with a DMP is if you play discs. If you are purely server based that money will be better spent on a better server - maybe an audiophile one like Innuos and the like. Also just a side note the DMP does not do network playback, only the DSD/Bridge combo do that. The network socket on the DMP is for retrieving cover art and title information.


Thanks for you answer!
But will be an audiophile like server produce better sound quality with DS DAC + Bridge?
If I understand this right - Bridge uses asynchronous digital data tranfer so it’s load streaming data to the RAM memory buffer before processing. Therefore It is no matter what quality is media server or network connection if It’s capable to transfer audio file without damaging It.
Or am I missing something?

It still seems to make a difference though - I suspect it is due to noise being picked up in the ethernet cables/switch/router and transferred to the Bridge. Some people also prefer to connect their streamer directly using the Matrix X-SPDIF 2 - which you can read more about in the linked thread. This John Darko video may also be of interest as it compares some different streamers and talks about this very point.

It’s the I2S connection that makes all the difference in my system. It has brought the DS-DMP combo to another level. Granted there are a ton of variables involved and that other people have better streaming setups than mine, but nothing has come close to the DS-DMP-I2S combo for me. It was the same with the PWD-PWT, the I2S connection put it over the top

Right but his music is mostly server based, so to use I2S he would need a server that supports that connection or the Matrix device which converts USB to I2S and people have reported sounds better than the Bridge/LAN option in their systems.

So, I’m confised now)
Thing is if I connect DMP-I2S-DS and play some audio file from USB stick - quality will be better compared to play the same audio file from media server through LAN-Bridge-DS, right?

That has been my experience.

That’s not my experience. The sound is not as good as playing back discs. Not only that it is a nightmare to navigate anything more than a few files on a USB stick that way.