New PWD2 and bridge coming, question


I am using a Win7 PC with JRiver19. It pulls from a Synology DS1812+ server on a gigabit network. Do I need to do anything other than set the bridge as a set IP?


There’s a whole sub-forum devoted to the correct settings for JRiver and the DS. (Which is one of the reasons I avoid JRiver . . . ) Playing DSD files seems to require particular attention.


I’m not sure if you’re getting a PWD (post is in a PWD topic and “PSD2” seems to be a typo) or DS. In any event, you may not even need to set a fixed IP for the Bridge. Certainly if you have connection issues that is one of the first things to do. On the other hand, I have always used DHCP and have never needed to set fixed IPs, and I was a Bridge beta tester. The whole networking thing is very hit or miss and I have been pretty lucky. As magister said, there are some how-to’s on how to set up JRMC but I don’t think there is really a basic JRMC/Bridge how-to, unfortunately. The most important settings for the Bridge are in Media & Network/Add or Configure DLNA and there is a preset for Audiophile DAC (PS Audio) that should take care of most of the settings. If you are getting a DS and want to play DSD, down at the bottom of the Add or Configure screen you’ll see a second Advanced tab and you would want to check the first three boxes.

Let us know if you run into problems and we’ll try to help.


You’re correct, I have a Perfectwave DAC II coming. It was a typo. Should be here in a week or 2, or 3.


Cool. Let us know how you make out or if you run into any problems. Despite all the buzz over the DirectSteam the PWD MkII is still a great DAC.

Despite all the buzz over the DirectSteam the PWD MkII is still a great DAC.


Another +1


When I had a chance to listen to one “without the bridge” and then saw the $1500 off… needless to say, Get one ASAP. Heck of a deal for sure.

Now if my wonderful dealer “Sound Video” who steered me to PS Audio “and got a friend of his to bring over both DAC’s” can find out the estimated ETA. Getting very excited.


Thank you for the help, but I have not been able to get a Perfectwave from PS Audio. I went another direction.

I have been really lucky to borrow my friends while he enjoyed the Directstream, but it has to be returned.

Enjoy your wonderful PS Audio DACS you lucky people!!!