Direct Stream Mk 1 - stream without the Network card?


I received this wonderful unit from friend some time ago.

It does not have the Network Bridge installed.

I am using dedicated streamer with it .

It was able to stream before I had it without the Network card.

Any ideas as to how this was possible?

I could never figure this out.

Thank you

You have the option of connecting your dedicated streamer to the DAC via USB, Optical, Coaxial, or I2S (only a few supports it, but the best in terms of SQ). Figure out what output options your stream has, connect it to the DAC, then, use the screen to select that input.


I have been using it for a few years now and this is exactly how I am using it.

What I am trying to figure out is how my friend got it to stream without the Bridge or network streaming device.

He does not know and his dealer said he does not need anything else.

He was using Roon but that should not have anything to do with this.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

If he was using Roon then there must have been a roon server, if that was connected to the DAC via USB that would explain “streaming without a streamer” or, more accurately, the roon server was acting as “streamer” too.

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He could not have w/ DSD 1 without bridge

Good point.

I am also using a computer as a server and a dedicated streaming device.
Have mine hooked up both ways.

He has said he was not using computer either.

It is working for me just fine so I am not concerned.

Just was trying to figure out what was being done.

It is my understanding that devices such as DCS Dac’s Aurender do not need a dedicated streamer.
Is this correct?

Thank you