Dac upgrades

Hi PS audio Family. I’m new and I just spent all my budget on PS audio gear lol. I bought a refurbished direct stream mk1 without a bridge. I was wondering is there anything I can do to make it better so it can keep up close to the new versions? I was hoping I can buy a used bridge mk2 or am I better off using my node 2i as a streamer and spending any money on another part?


If you have the Node and are comfortable with it then just stick with it. There are multiple threads over the last couple of years on upgrading the Mk I with various costs involved.

Here you go:

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Congratulations! It’s a great unit.

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Here is a picture of my new setup. Im trying to get used to the new gear.


Do you have absorption behind the speakers?

Yes, I have some panels

Have you tried without the obsorption? My apogee planars sound better without any absorption behind them as long as they are 4’ or more from the wall behind them. Then again a preamp might make all the difference with low sensitivity speakers.

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I’m going to give that a try. Thanks! I will position the acoustic panels on the sides of the walls and at the back to see if that helps.

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When streaming Apple Music to DSD mk1 from Apple Music lossless, what is the highest quality it shows and uses on the DAC?

RE: acoustic treatments behind planar speakers. GIK has the feature shown below (range limiter) that still absorbs bass but reflects higher frequencies. This worked great with their “tri-traps” behind my Sanders electrostats. I’m in the room treatment camp that you can’t have too much bass trapping to reduce RT60 (reverb time).