DirectStream 1.1.9 released


just found out a new firmware1.1.9 released on download directory.

does anyone of you can tell what’s the purpose for 1.1.9??


I’d like to know, too.

The FPGA version - 6115 - is the same. According to both the contents of the zip file and LOADER.CFG, these files have changes:

 DSDD0008 -> DSDD0119

 DSDG0002 -> DSDG0004

Since the current version of the display software is 1.1.5, I’d speculate that DSDD0119 is a new version 1.1.9 of that software with a revised file-naming convention reflective of the software version rather than a file number increment. Or maybe the 119 indicates the zip file name.

I don’t have a guess for the DSDG file.

Although there are both the current version (USBL0006 : 5/2/14) and a newer version (USBL0007 : 7/31/14) of the USB software in the zip file, LOADER.CFG specifies that the older version should load. I wonder if that’s an oversight or an intention.

Anyway, enough ruminative speculation. I’m sure that Dennis or Paul or Ted will chime in with something definitive.

– Chris

flenser55 said Although there are both the current version (USBL0006 : 5/2/14) and a newer version (USBL0007 : 7/31/14) of the USB software in the zip file, LOADER.CFG specifies that the older version should load. I wonder if that's an oversight or an intention.
This is why I don't do any firmware upgrades until they have been vetted by the nice folks on this forum. (Thanks, Chris!)

More generally: Paul, it would really be good to put out some information when updates are released. What problems are addressed, or it designed to upgrade SQ or something? I’ve learned that newer is not necessarily better with firmware. So I want to know whether I even need the upgrade; maybe it’s designed to fix problems I’m not having.


Version 7 USB was accidentaly included in the zip files and is not loaded by the upgrade. My mistake.



Yup, sorry guys. 1.1.9 addresses some minor issues in the PIC code. Let me get with Dennis to find out exactly what.


Just spoke with Dennis. 1.1.9 fixes a change for display boards for production and adds some code to help debug problems in the field should they arise. No need to update to it if you don’t want to, it’ll buy you nothing if you already have a DS.

We like to post the latest firmware just so next week, next month, when someone gets their new DirectStream, they can check their version number and see they have the latest.


Very smart. New owners can become anxious if the numbers do not match up.

flenser55 said I don't have a guess for the DSDG file.
DSDGxxxx files are graphics support files for the PIC (control processor) code. They almost always change when the PIC code changes and need to match the corresponding PIC code. (Tho they do have a different version number sequence.)


Thanks, yes, we’re trying. If there’s an actual release of any consequence other than just staying current we’ll let folks know.


Can anyone clarify the correct way to manage the SD cards. When doing a software upgrade I add the loader and new software to an SD card and power on the DS to load. After loading I typically leave the SD card in the DS. Some previous forums have noted the need to leave in an SD card to store the album art. I have also seen comments to remove the SD card after loading the latest version of the software. Should I be using two different SD cards? One for album art left in and another for loading the new software which should be removed?

Must add as already noted by many the DS sounds truly fantastic!!



I’ve done it both way with no ill effect, Chet. Once the FW is properly installed it will not “reinstall” even if you leave the card in and cycle power on the DS (or PWD, for that matter). So you could leave it in and the cover art file will just write itself to that SD card. Or you could put in a blank card just to deal with the cover art. I often just pull the installation card out and wipe the install files, then use that card for the art. It all works.


Same here.