DirectStream 1.1.7 released

For those with DirectStream DACs we have just release version 1.1.7. This new version fixes the occasional Bridge freeze problem - which obviously applies only to those of you with a Bridge installed.

Also, I changed the firmware nomenclature of the other versions from 5407, and 6115, to their official release names, 1.1.5 and 1.1.6.

So DS were originally released with 1.1.5. We then went to 1.1.6, which allowed DXD to work on DirectStream as well as fixed a few display problems and made the volume control smoother. 1.1.7 is what all DS will be shipping with from now on.

For those of you in the know, 1.1.7 is based on FPGA version 6115, as is 1.1.6.

You can access the files in the Downloads section of our website.

To update a DirectStream, UNZIP the files you download so you see the multiple files of the download. Copy those multiple files to a blank SD Card, 2GB preferred, and place it in the DSD card slot, located below the Bridge slot on the rear of DirectStream. Make sure the gold pins of the SD card face up (card in upside down), make sure it clicks in place. Power Cycle DirectStream using the rear panel power switch. The front panel PS logo light should blink. Wait until it reboots. Remove the card.

You can check to make sure the version is correct by touching the small tool icon on the upper left side of the DS touch screen. The version should read as version 1.1.7.

Does it sound the same as 1.1.6?

It should, it has the exact same FPGA file as 1.1.6


So, if one doesn’t have a Bridge, one shouldn’t bother with this update?

Rob H. said So, if one doesn't have a Bridge, one shouldn't bother with this update?

I’m hoping for a FPGA update that might make DSD sound as sweet as the current one does for Redbook. :slight_smile:

One can hope, right? :slight_smile:

Give it a try. It WILL sound different, but only slightly so. Whenever we upgrade PIC code it sounds different.

And yes, if you do not have a Bridge there’s probably no reason to upgrade. Unless you want to play around and see if it sounds different.

Remember that if you are a Bridge user and want cover art to be displayed, you need to have an SD card installed. I suggest erasing the card used for the upgrade and then put the card back.

I got a bridge dropout with the new firmware (1.1.7) and the card in the DS. The card had the new FW files on it. No dropouts after reboot with the card out of the DS. I’ll try again when I get some free time to see if it was a one-off. I’ve never tried with an empty card.

Seems that 1.1.7 has fixed the issue of freeze on my DS/Bridge.

thanks a lot peeps!

I’m a little confused. I received two new DS last week and they both say FW 1.1.7 and FPGA 0.61. When did you start shipping DACs with FW 1.1.7?

Next, I (think) I upgraded the DS I already owned for a month or two, and stuck the memory card in the slot. I am not sure it was actually upgrading. I did not check which versions I was running prior to upgrade. In any event, I now have FW 1.1.5 and FPGA 0.61 on this DAC. This is peculiar, because I believe FPGA 0.61 comes with 1.1.6 and 1.1.7. Should I try another upgrade on this DAC, to get to level 1.1.7? I hate doing upgrades that are not necessary, and it appears I am running the same FPGA version on both DACs.

1.1.7 was slipstreamed a week or two back - there was a lag getting it posted for downloads.

A PWD or DS is upgrading when the blue logo light in the upper left of the device is blinking.

I’ve literally upgraded my DS hundreds of times - the flash memory has a huge life compared to how much you could stand to upgrade.

1.1.7 of the firmware and FPGA 0.61 (which we often call 6115) are the most current versions and you should probably update everything to that level.

If one of your new DSs didn’t come with an SD card with the latest software you can download and install it as per the first message on this thread.

Not sure if its my occasion 20_gifnetwork issue (hardwired switch with barebone i5 stream eLyrics to Bridge), since I upgrade to 1.1.7 there has been non playing, drop out and micro skip. It was ok with 1.1.6 and MKII before.

It’s not working at all today then I switch back to 1.1.6 and it seems playing ok?20_gif

Thats interesting. This upgrade only upgraded PWD code, and not bridge code.


rossop said Seems that 1.1.7 has fixed the issue of freeze on my DS/Bridge.

thanks a lot peeps!

Same here. No more freezes. Cover Art displays OK.

I have a bit of a problem. See the screendump below:


I hadn’t bothered checking the firmware since I received the DS in July. I assumed it was 1.1.6. When I checked this morning, to my surprise, according to the pic above, it’s the previous version. I copied the files in the downloaded zip for 1.1.6 to several 2GB SD cards I have and the DS will not update the firmware. I’ve checked for any DAU* issue and nothing is amiss: The card reads fine, it’s 2GB as recommended, it’s formatted FAT32, etc.

What am I doing wrong? I’m following Paul’s instructions but, no dice.

(*DAU: Dumb Ass User)

To me it looks like you have the latest firmware onboard.

I thought 1.1.5 was not current. That’s what my screen says. Now, if “Rev 0006” indicates that it’s “v1.1.6” that’s another issue altogether. After 20 years in tech I know a tad about software and hardware versioning: v1.1.5 Rev 0006 is not the same as v1.1.6. Just my $0.02.

It’s funny that way because the screen shows the release number while I seem to put the version number on the files and the two don’t match. Gotta fix that. But it’s not as easy as it would seem. 1.1.5 WAS the latest and the one we suggested to you, known as 6115. Release 1.1.7 is now the latest, containing the fix for the Bridge.

Now it makes sense. Thanks, Paul.