DirectStream 2.0 coming mid year

@Paul Hi Paul Do you plan to have a beta program for the new Direct Stream?



Yes sir we will!


Great Is the hardware design complete such that Ted can tell us which items on his wish list made the cut?

Hi Paul, could you link to the beta testing program stipulations? Other links I’ve found on the site only point to the forums main page, so I assume the original page was moved.

I’m not (yet) a customer, nor do I live in the US, so I’m probably disqualified, but if not and you need somebody to test in Japan…

Thanks. We don’t have a page for beta testing and usually reach out to folks in one of Scott’s emails asking if people are interested. Beta testing is generally restricted to the US (so we can easily get them back if there’s a problem). We do beta test in other countries but that’s almost always through our distributors (for the same reason).

Paul any estimate on when the beta will start?