DirectStream Closed System


Below you can see how I partially solved my search for a “closed system” DS. The OPPO 105D is linked to DS via River Cable Gold Signature SPDIF. The 2 x 4TB Samsung/Seagate HD’s are direct USB into OPPO using AudioQuest Carbon USB 3 cable. I also use the OPPO105D (a true Universal player) as a Transport. For SACD play, the OPPO has its own analog outs into the CJ Act2/Series 2 Preamp.

Of course, this only partially solves the problem. Since SPDIF cannot carry DSD, I do have to stream that library which is also housed on a 3rd Samsung/Seagate 4TB HD.

DSD HD>PC>JRiver 19.146>Pangea Ag USB>DS.



Maybe I missed it in another thread, but why not a mini-pc or Mac Mini setup with tablet for remote? (like what Paul has, and I’m working on with a PC version) Then you’d have the best of all setups with full access to DSD and any other formats you need.


Hey Raven dude, teach me how & I’ll do it. Lol


Well, if you go Mac Mini - Paul has a whole writeup on his build.

I’m still figuring it out on the PC - I have Foobar working, but I don’t think I’ve really explored it deeply, or any other options for that matter. I had JRiver on my server, but it was too clunky for me. It took me hours to get JRiver working, while only 15 minutes to get Foobar going.

Here’s Paul’s How to-

I might work on my own How To once I get a better grasp on Foobar. Like I said, I’m still figuring out what it can do. Right now, as long as it’s playing back bit-perfectly, I’m happy. More features and better remote control would make me really happy.


Looks very nice Shiloh! I have almost the same setting with Oppo, but I need to figure out which SPDF cable within my budgetcoolIs yours Snake River?

I have to say the updated Oppo mobile control is really solid. There is another topic about about DOP from Oppo you might be intersted………m-an-oppo/


No, it is River Cable. Outstanding performance at incredible price!


thanks Shiloh, will do some research about the River SPDIF cable…


I build cable for 2 companies - primarily their special & odd-ball orders. I do not build for River Cable so I have no financial relationship or even know them at all for that matter. I would be very surprised if you were not completely happy with their top-tier SPDIF cable.


Christopher, is that your DS up for sale on Audiogon?


I just put one up that was for my 2nd system that is now going to be a McIntosh stack with just a receiver & the new Mac streamer.


Ah, MacIntosh. An iconic American brand.


And…holds its resale value.No one would ever accuse PSA products of holding their value.

Trying to sell the sealed DirectStream for $3700.00 - a $2,295 discount. Have you seen the tread started by Sloop John B?


$3700.00. Ouch!rain_gif


Why did not you just return it? Did you just hang on to it for months, unused and unopened?


Never thought of it. Never anticipated the price crash either.

Elk said Why did not you just return it? Did you just hang on to it for months, unused and unopened?