Help a newbie out on easiest and best way to get DSD into DirectStream unit over ethernet

Just picked up a PSA DirectStream Sr from another forum member here. Will get it next week. :grinning:

My question is above in title and do not want to bug the seller too much with questions although he is very very generous with his time.
I will need a network streamer of some sort to get DSD audio into the PSA DS unit. I can get anything else into the unit via Coax from my OPPO 105. I do not presently use a USB connection from my computer which is my music server and located 25 feet away on other side of room.

I use JRiver to send files to my present DACs which are the OPPO 105 player and an external OPPO Sonica Dac. Both have built in ethernet and wifi capability so I can stream anything to them right now including DSD (dsf) files.

My options seem to be:

  1. Some HDMI to i2S converter card installed in OPPO 105 using the Ethernet input from my OPPO 105 then output via HDMI to the i2S input in PSA DS. These cards (or converters) seem to not really exist except for maybe something from China. Have no idea if they work.

  2. A Ethernet to i2S out device. Might be one around (Sonore Signature Rendu). They are pricey if you can find one.

  3. An Ethernet to USB converter. There are various ones around. Unsure which one might be good and if it is better than the obvious answer- the Bridge II.

  4. The Bridge II card. Some here love it. Some hate it. Some claim it degrades the sound just by being installed. I have no idea. Seems like an easy option.

Again- I am using the built in Ethernet in these OPPO units and never gave it too much thought if they impacted the sound in negative way or if an external unit would be better. They seem to work and sound very good. But one doesn’t know what doesn’t know…

Any advice for a reasonably priced good option (used or new) is welcome.

Thank you.

MicroRendu or UltraRendu USB

You could add an Sonore Ultradigital or a Matrix? device to convert to I2s over HDMI…

With a 25 foot run consider if fiber optic is routed without disturbance if not use UltraRendu with ethernet if it gets walked on. If crushed cable no concern go high end. O BtW ethernet cables as well as USB matter. Eliminating the 25 foot of USB will probably put you in audio heaven regardless with the most modest audiofile version or a printer cable.

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I should have stated that I do have Cat 6 Ethernet run inside the wall to Jack right behind the computer and right behind the stereo system and Dac on the Local network.

So no issue with that getting walked on.

I suggest you start with the Bridge II Ethernet card. Look for a pre-loved one here on the forums. It will arguably be the quickest and most cost-effective route to great sound. And I do mean GREAT.

There are superior options according to many via USB, but the differences are relative and the “best” USB setups require a lot of care and feeding (a/k/a, “souping up”) based on my reading of others’ experiences and preferences.

If your criteria is “easiest”, start with getting a good quality Ethernet feed to the DS. Then start researching what others have done to arguably better the sound and start saving for and planning your upgrade path.

There is a wealth of experience and opinions in this forum in this regard. You are in good hands. So take some time to explore your options as you have begun to do.

(By the way, if you are a tweaker, there are plenty of things related to noise reduction/LAN isolation that you can try with Ethernet as well to eke the best performance out of a Bridge connection.)

My $0.02.


Disclosure: And yes, I am a Bridge II user.


Like you I have an Oppo 105 and I’ve found that the easiest solution for me has been to use JRiver to get the files either wirelessly or with an Ethernet connection from my router to the 105 then via coax to the DS DAC. I also own the Bridge (original version) which would give you the added flexibility of using JRiver to stream directly to the DS DAC in Bridge mode via an Ethernet connection from your router.

The Bridge is a great way to get DSD files to the DSDac. I have one in my DSJr. and it has always worked well. The price is very reasonable for the added input.

The coax option is great for streaming non DSD (dsf) files. As you know, I can downsample the DSD files to PCM and get them sent out via Coax.
I guess the crux of the matter is getting those DSD (dsf) files as intact DSD to the PSA DS unit and I am too far away to use USB cable from my computer.

So it needs to be Ethernet streamer, or a device or method that takes the DSD file streamed to the OPPO 105 and then somehow gets it to the PS Audio DS unit intact as DSD.

Sounds like people like the Bridge II as an option. Seems to be most straightforward and proven.
The Sonore Ultradigital looks interesting if it will pass DSD via HDMI>i2S to the PS Audio DS.

You said it pretty well. The Bridge is loved by many while others are annoyed with it. I do recommend it to those that want a simple setup that sounds good. There’s been that discussion where people don’t think it sounds as good even if it’s simply plugged in. I don’t agree with that. Bridge sounds darn good and I can’t hear a difference with or without it plugged in.

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Actually in conjunction with JRiver, you can stream to the 105 and then via the coax connection the DS DAC “sees” the DSF file as DOP DSD64 Bit Rate 1. I use it that way all the time. With the Bridge you get the same result except you eliminate the 105 from the equation. I find sound quality to be excellent in both cases.

@joe-appierto -

IS it actually playing as a .DSF file then? I thought it down sampled. I have a big .DSF file library.

I apologize if I have some ignorance here.

No need to apologize. Short answer is yes. DOP essentially functions as a “wrapper” for the DSF or DFF file and what’s passed is the direct stream file.


Two examples from the DSF album Appalachian Journey that I’d downloaded. First is JRiver sending it to the 105 and then via coax to the DS DAC. Second is using the Bridge only.


Ok, let me make sure I get this right.

Sooooo, if the OPPO 105 SACD Output is set to PCM- and I am streaming .DSF (DSD) files to it over the network via JRiver , and it goes to the PS Audio DS unit via Coax- it ends up getting repackaged as a .DSF (DSD) file and plays that way???

In that case I do not need a Bridge II if the OPPO 105 can do this and the PS Audio DS will do its thing at the other end and it plays back as DSD64.

A Bridge II might in theory do a better job with the dedicated card, but the OPPO 105 path will get the job done??

Yes, but you don’t need to set the SACD output to PCM, you can leave it set to DSD. I leave the Coax/Optical Output set to Bitstream but it’ll work set to 192hHz, too. What the Bridge buys you is the ability to bypass the 105 altogether.


I have a DS Jr with Ethernet in. Does Qobuz offer streaming DSD files or is this for downloads only?


Here is why I am confused. Might be the external Dac I am trying this with now.

When I try to send DSD to my OPPO Sonica external DAC from the OPPO 105 network original DSD stream it will only do so if i set the SACD OUTPUT on the OPPO 105 to PCM.
It then says PCM 88.2 kHz on the OPPO Sonica front panel.

When I set the SACD OUTPUT to DSD on the OPPO 105 I get No Signal on the external OPPO SOnica Dac. It says it does the DoP process you reference, but for some reason it does not.

Maybe the PS Audio Coax input has different specs and it upsamples to DSD64? Obviously it works well for you.

Maybe I’m under a misunderstanding. When the Oppo is receiving the DSF/DFF files directly from a thumb drive or an external hard drive plugged into it or wirelessly from the same drives attached to my PC it will not pass the information to the DS DAC. Coax output on the 105 on its own is limited to 192/24.

I thought you had mentioned using JRiver. Because when the files are coming from JRiver it does pass the information correctly and you will see the DoP transmission displayed as DSD 64/1 Bit. Does that make sense? Using JRiver or Foobar2000 will accomplish what you want although I messed up something with Foobar2000 and it’s been problematic.

Yes, I am lost here. There is not a way for the OPPO 105 to send .dsf files over coax as DSD files.
Now maybe the PS Audio DS upsamples them when they come over as PCM, but the OPPO Sonica external Dac does not. They play as 88.2 kHz and will only play if I have the OPPO 105 SACD Output setting as PCM. When I set the SACD OUTPUT as DSD I get no signal.

Is there a specific setting in Jiver that accomplishes this? I am just playing the files as they are compiled as .dsf on my hard drive and streaming them to the OPPO 105 and then sending them via Coax to the external OPPO Sonica Dac. The playlist on JRiver lists them as 5644 bitrate .dsf files. I have made no change to anything in JRiver. DSP Studio is not available in local zones- not in DLNA mode.
It will only play .dsf files sent via the PCM setting and they play in 88/2 kHz, not 5644 kHz. .

It seems that the PSA DS upsamples where the OPPO SOnica Dac does not.

Yes, the DSF files in JRiver in my system read as a 5644 bit rate. I would assume you have the check box selected that reads Use Media Network to share this library and enable DLNA.

These three are selected under the Advanced portion of Media Network:

DLNA Server
DLNA Renderer
DLNA Controller

I do not have any of JRiver’s DSP functions engaged either. JRiver pushing the signal to the 105 in one case or pulling it in the other which then pipes it to the DS DAC via coax (TOSLink on the Oppo is bandwidth limited - at least with the Lifatec glass cable I’m using to 96/24). Or, JRiver is pushing the file directly to the Bridge.

When the Oppo is in the chain and I access the files from the Oppo via the 105’s Network menu it is pulling the files. When the Oppo is selected from within JRiver using Playing Now then it is pushing the files to the 105.

When the Bridge is selected from JRiver’s Playing Now then it is likewise pushing the files to the DS DAC.

What you are reporting as the 105 + Sonica DAC interaction is what I get also when JRiver is not in the equation. If you’re using JRiver in the 105+Sonica chain then it seems there is a setting in JRiver that isn’t right. I think. I say this because I’m not familiar with the Sonica but it seems from the what you report and the table you sent that it should be able to render the DSF files as DSD64.

I’m sure I’ve written some things you already know and have done but I’ve found that sometimes it’s better to start at the beginning.

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