DirectStream Connections to Nucleus

I’m trying to understand the implications of different connections between a DSD Sr. and a Nucleus with internal DSD. So my questions:

  • If I connect the Nucleus via USB, does Roon identify the DAC? Currently I am using an Auralic VEGA and it does.
  • If I have both units on the network (using a Bridge II for the DAC), can I play from the SSD installed in the NUC to the DAC using Roon? Or do I need music stored elsewhere and some other app?
  • Can I have both a direct connection and a network connection at the same time and just switch inputs on the DSD or something?
  1. Yes, it should properly identify the direct stream DAC both ways (USB and ethernet). While I don’t have a Nucleus, I do have roon running on a NUC connected by both USB and ethernet. You will be able to configure roon to play music through either connection. Just realize to get full MQA unfold, if you are a Tidal subscriber, you need to send the audio through ethernet to the Bridge on the DAC.
  2. Yes you can play from SSD to either USB or Bridge II
  3. Yes, I have it set up this way. By doing this you will also be able to maintain two different music queues, one for each output device.
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I have a Nucleus+ with a DirectStream senior. My comments are below.

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Thanks Alan, just what I was looking to confirm.

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I have not found any interoperability issues between my Nucleus+ and my DIrectStream Senior. It’s a Roon endpoint that has been properly implemented.

Did some quick A/B tests with Roon upsampling 16/44 content to DSD and I didn’t hear any noticeable difference so I keep DSP processing off on the Roon side.

Good luck on your research and decision making.