Newbie: Specific question about DirectStream DAC with Bridge II

My current setup:
Synology NAS => ethernet to gigabit switch => ethernet to Interl CoreI5 NUC running ROON ROCK =>
ethernet to Gigabit Switch => ethernet to Auralic Altair, used as ROON endpoint and Network-attached DAC.

I am a lifetime subscriber to Roon and the NUC is the latest addition to the system (because I was getting tired of Auralic’s own Lightningserver, which struggled with my large library’s frequent updates). I have files in all formats up to DSD256 and I expect them all to play in native res (or upsample to DSD256 or higher if requested).

Now I am preparing to upgrade my Altair as the next step and I want a DAC which accepts DSD256 via ethernet and works as a Roon endpoint.
I have already eliminated a number of high-end brands based on functionality or support (Aurender does not do Roon, T+A does not accept DSD via ethernet, etc…).

So far we have left in the running:

  • Auralic Vega G1
  • Auralic Vega G2
  • Lumin T2
    I am looking to learn about the PS Audio DirectStream DSD DAC
    I am trying to understand what signal / resolution the PS Audio Directstream DSD with Bridge II and latest firmware will accept via ethernet. Is is still DSD64 only? Something else? Thank you for your time in reading this.

From the PS Audio product page:

The data, which can be up to 192kHz 32 bits, is clocked into a custom Complex Programmable Logic Device that organizes each of the 32-bit frames into the requisite I2S format. That I2S data is then clocked out with extremely low jitter fixed frequency asynchronous clocks and into the PWD through high-speed buffers isolated by a separate power supply.

[Source: @the “Technology” tab]

Also, see here: Forum post RE: DSD

Correct. Bridge 2 can only manage DSD64. You can get DSD128 via USB and I2S, but that’s the current limit

@Sakabatou: thank you for your quick response. That was the answer to my question.

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Hey @pvanosta,

Since you already have the NUC you don’t need the Bridge at all. Besides, a lot of DS users here use an extra “reclocker/converter” box that converts USB to I2S and seems to work perfectly with de PS Audio DS. About the DS vs your other “still in the running” devices: The DS uses an approach that is as refreshing as simple. While “the others” use off-the-shelf ADC chips PS Audio uses a complete different approach that sounds real surprising. Since I already owned a Totaldac stack, I don’t have a DS, but I would’ve if I didn’t had it, that’s fur shure…! Just sayin’…

For that box: Matrix X-SPDIF 2