DirectStream DAC LED screen flickers

The LED screen on my DirectStream DAC (with Bridge II) from 2019 (or 2020, I forget) has developed a flicker that started about a month ago. The flickering eventually goes away after ca. 30 minutes, so I wonder if one or more components that control the screen brightness are starting to degrade. Anyone have any experience with DAC screen flickering? Any cures; short of buying a new unit?

It is not unusual. Try adjusting the brightness either up or down. You will find a setting where it looks smooth.

@sixpack1 Thanks for the tip; however, adjusting the brightness has no effect on the flickering.

Wow, that is strange. It always cleared up the flickering when it happened to me.

Worth a try:

Written by Paul McGowan

The touch screens on PerfectWave products can get off registration or may not have been set exactly right from the factory. In this case, it is possible to recalibrate the touch screen through a simple process.

Turn the DAC off from the master switch in the back panel. Let the unit discharge for 10-20 seconds. Then turn the unit on while holding down the PS Audio blue button on the top left corner of the front panel. This should bring the unit to a screen calibration.

You will have to touch each of the four corners in numerical sequence. Use a small object like the eraser on a pencil for best results. Do not use anything sharp on the touch screen.

Once the calibration process is finished the unit will restart.

@st50maint Thanks, I wasn’t aware of the screen calibration. Question: what “numerical sequence”? From the context of your quote from Paul McGowan, it suggests that each corner of the calibration screen is designated with a number in order of how they should be touched. Is this true?

I spoke with PSA tech support this morning. First, the flickering is an electronics problem, solvable by return to PSA. Second, the screen calibration orients the screen relative to the frame. It doesn’t do anything else, but thanks for the tip.

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Thank you for posting that. I always new that the calibration had nothing to do with flicker which has to do with the refresh rate of the display.