Screen of my Directstream suddenly stop working. Please help

Dear all, I just bought psaudio brigde II to install on my directstream dac however I met some issues after install the bridge II. The screen of my Directstream dac suddently stop working which I would not be able to touch. I have also try to use the remote to control the dac however it seem not working as well. I also try to update newest firmware of dac and remove the Bridge card as well but the screen still not working. Is anyone meet this issues before? Please help me and thanks you so much …

Ps: My PSaudio Direct stream dac had been in perfect working condition before I installed the bridge II.

Hi @trinhngoclinh

If you take the Bridge back out does the direct stream start working again?

Be careful to power it off by the switch in the back of the unit before trying to remove it.

Thanks u for your comment. I have tried to uninstall the bridge 2 and do it properly after turning the unit off however the screen is still not working.

hi trinhngoclinh

I also have a problem with my Directstream screen. It works fine for about two weeks and then freezes. I reboot and everything is ok for another two weeks and then freezes again.
I do not have a bridge.

Thanks for your comment. Please share how you would reboot the DAC. I may have a try…Thanks u so much

I just switch the unit off using the power switch at the back, wait for about two minutes and switch back on again. The DS initializes [it takes about 30 seconds ] and everything is OK.
Well its OK for about two weeks !

Is the blue logo light still coming on? Also, give the screen calibration a shot. To do so, power the dac down with the rear switch, hold down the logo button, and then turn it back on. Keep us posted.

My screen just disappeared also. I simply tried loading Windom and after several attempts, my screen vanished. Between attempts at Windom, I reloaded Yale, Redcloud, Huron, etc. Somewhere between attempts at Windom and the older DS downloads, my screen disappeared so off to Boulder my DS went!

Just yesterday (12/3) Mark told me that my screen was being replaced and would ship out immediately. I have my fingers crossed that when I get my DS back it will be good as new.

Kudos to PSA customer service. As always, (in my experience) the customer service has been exceptional. That’s why I continue to own their products. In this day and age, customer service often sucks and to find a company who is responsive is worth a lot - at least to me.

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In my case it is a mystery as the Directstream works perfectly in between the screen freeze episodes [ fantastic SQ ]
Can anybody from PS Audio offer an opinion as to why this is happening ?
I am fearful that after one of these freezes the DS will not re-boot

I’m not sure what’s going on here. We have a number of DSDs that we use here and are on all of the time, even the screens. Walk up and touch it, and it works right away as expected. what inputs are you using?

I am using i2s from a Matrix spdif and coax from Bluesound node 2i.

I think I remember disconnecting the coax and the problem still persisted. It is really baffling as I switch inputs using the remote control and everything is ok for two weeks or more and then when I try to switch with the remote, the screen [ which I have on dim ] lights up but it will not change input and stays lit but freezes

Could it be some kind of sequence that you’re doing? Like changing the volume or something? Also, do you leave the DAC on all of the time?

I do not know.
Yes the dac is on all the time.

If I could be sure that after I re-boot each time it happens that everything is ok for another while, it is not a major problem for me, but obviously it should not be happening.

I had this problem several months ago. The screen would go off seemingly at random. Finally, the unit was sent back to PSA to replace a defective touchscreen. By this time the unit was past the warranty period. PSA replaced the screen at no charge. Total turnaround time (door-to-door) was 6 days.
Remarkably good service!

If the screen is faulty then it would take a lot more than a six day turnaround [ and pretty expensive shipping charges ] as I live in Ireland