DirectStream DAC lid … Upgraded to XS4400 transformers

How does the top lid attach to the metal cage of the DirectStream DAC? Does it just get epoxied (I didn’t see any residual epoxy) or does the lid just stay on by friction? I thought I saw this question come up in another forum, but I couldn’t locate it for the life of me.



See this video at about 2:30 in.

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I would add one note of caution. The threaded nut which you are attaching the all-thread to is a riv-nut which is attached to the top frame and does not have a strong bond to the frame. I got my top off fine (I upgraded the transformers) but when reinstalling I pinched the plastic protective sheet between the top and the case. Couldn’t pull the top off so I put the all thread in the corner that was stuck and lightly tapped it. The riv-nut popped right out. It did not want to reattach very well but I was able to get the top on and all the screws tight. Moral of the story - be gentle! Oh, and keep your fingers away from the top as you reinstall, it bites! Don’t ask me how I know.

I think you misunderstood me. I have no issue taking the lid off. The problem is the piano finish wooden top is no longer connected to the metal cage that lifts out. So either the wooden top just sits on the cage or it gets epoxied to the cage so that the entire lid system acts as one piece. Anyone have this issue or know how the wood top attaches to the metal cage?



I have the same issue,the top released itself and i used Loctite glue for four bolts,which are there on the metal lid…So,just put some glue on bolts and it will be just fine,mine is firm now after glueing…

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Thanks, Leon. I’ll put a dab on each bolt as well. I’m currently awaiting replacement transformers to upgrade the DAC… then I will go ahead and secure the lid.


Yes,it’s easy job to do… What is with the transformers,would you do it yourself?

Yes. It seems fairly straightforward. The DirectStream was originally designed to take the Edcor XS4400 transformers, so the pin outs are the same. Supposed to make a big improvement according to the forums here.

Yes,i did do it too,now waiting for burn-in for three weeks in few days,they said,it may need four weeks for that…Nice soldering,it’s going easily with that…

Nice. Let us know how it sounds when it’s ready. My shipment should arrive Saturday. If it comes early enough, I may solder them in this weekend.

I am listening now directly to my amp,so,no good sound,as it is better with preamplifier they said…

I connect my DAC directly to my amplifier as well and love it. I’m guessing it depends on the amplifier? :thinking:

On which volume level you have set it? I have mostly 50…

I stay around 50 most of the time. I range from 45 to 70 depending on song and mood.

Okay,cool,thank you…

Have you tried the 20dB attenuator? Maybe that will benefit you…. I just tried it myself… yes the noise floor is lower, but I’m up in the air as to the sound being any better one way or the other.

I didn’t…how it must be connected?

It’s internal to the DAC. Your remote has a “filter” button. Or it might be called something else on the newer remotes. just hit that button on your remote and it will reduce the analog noise by 20dB. And then you can set your volume in the 70 to 100 range.

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No such thing on my remote…I am listening at level 50 most of the time,not possible 70…I must even lower to 35 sometimes…What is on your remote,mine is 5 years old?

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Taken from Ted himself: “ If you have a newer (silver) remote the button is labeled “DAC Level” just above the preamp section.”

My remote is labeled “filter” and is black.