Volume Control on MK1 automatically goes back to "50"

I have a MK1 DirectStream Sr. that has a tendency to go back to volume level “50” whenever I raise the Volume level on the DAC.

Sometimes messing with the lock/unlock in the settings seems to fix it and sometime it doesn’t. Sometimes reloading Sunlight remedies this.

Anyone else experience this Wonky behaviour ? It’s a PIA when it rears it’s ugly head.

There were many discussions in an old thread of MK1 on the volume control going back to default of 50. When I owned MK1 this was a common issue for me, especialy during streaming. I had to set it to Fix volume and it seemed to eliminate the issue most of the time.

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Mine has done this on occasion, for no apparent reason.

I think it might be associated with the integrity of the I2S connections, but that’s just a guess.

After turning the volume back up to my preferred setting a few times, the issue resolves itself.

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Thanks Guys. I just cranked it to :100: (while my Wife was sleeping no less) and changed it from variable ----> fixed (at 100)-----> back to variable.

Seems to be behaving for now. It’s happened a few times and its annoying.


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Do you have the bridge II installed? I remember having similar issues. The bridge is the only other component besides the remote control that can alter volume. In my case updating the bridge’s firmware fixed the bug. I think there were some sporadic hick ups with one or the other streaming software (Roon in my case) making the bridge believe it just freshly started and needed to reinitialize the volume.

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I have the Bridge but don’t use it for anything. I bought the DAC used with the matching transport last year.

I used to own a new one without the bridge and never had this problem before.


Now that you mention it, I had the bridge installed, but didn’t use it. So I removed the LAN cable. The missing network connection could have been the actual trigger. I remember getting an extra switch temporally because of this until I removed the bridge. Try connecting the bridge to the network, or better - remove it.