Directstream MKI Volume Output

Getting used to my new purchase!

I’ve noticed the volume output is a noticeable amount less through this than through my Rotel 1072 CD player or Cambridge CXN streamer/DAC. Preamp is controlling; this is for a set volume level near the 12 o’clock position.

The volume on the DAC is at 100% and the filter is set to louder. I’ve switched cables, no difference. Only thing of note is the rca connector ends on the unit have both come off with the cable so I had to re-insert them.

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Standard output level for DACs are 2VRMS unbalanced and 4VRMS balanced. The DS MK1output level is about 3dB lower than standard, 1.4VRMS unbalanced and 2.8VRMS balanced.


Elk has explained what you were hearing.

There is something else you might want to know about the volume on the MK1. Many users on this forum (not all, of course) found that they got the best sound with the volume set at 84 or 86 when using a preamp. You might want to experiment with this rather than leaving it at 100%.

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Yes, thanks - based on other posts I placed it at 92. Of course this lowers the volume a bit further.

My Citation I preamp isn’t known for going extremely loud in the first place.