DirectStream DAC Mk2 - Bit Perfect testing

Folks: wondering if there are different (from the Mk1) Bit Perfect flac files for the Mk2.

Also, what is the process for testing AND how does the Mk2 indicate the absence or presence of “bit perfectness”.

Thanks, Dave

I think it’s the same file. At least I used the file dated 2017 and it works.
You’ll see B mark when it’s “bit perfect”.

This is where I get “B” while playing the BitPerfectTest file. You can’t read it in the picture (bad exposure) but it is “B”.


Great! Thanks!

Thank you for posting that! In response to his request for me to run the bit perfect test I asked Paul how I know it passed. Didn’t hear from him, but your reply is just what I needed.

The Bit perfect files for MK2 are the same as MK1

Ran both 96 and 192 BitPerfect files via Roon but not seeing the “B”. Unlike @stac (using USB) I am using coax at the moment (waiting for AirLens to use I2S!) via a Bluesound Node.

Could it be the Node?

I assume the interconnect should not affect test but…

And, I am not using any Roon processing at all, never have.

Anyone have any thoughts.

Thanks in advance, Dave

HELP. I am a complete novice when it comes to a bit perfect test? What is the Bit Perfect test file? Is it music? Is it test tones? When it plays will it harm my amps or my speakers. From the description I assume it is a PCM file.

I have added new gear to my system. In particular a music server ( NAS ) and the Airlens. I want to compare the SQ from the NAS to my MK2 DAC using two different paths. Path one is from the NAS to the DAC via USB. The second path is NAS to AirLens via Ethernet cable and the AirLens to the DAC via I2S HDMI cable. I figure before I do this using DSD128 music files, I should be sure both paths are Bit Perfect.

Will this Bit Perfect test file work to test that both paths are Bit Perfect?

You play the test files like any other music files on your server. They do make a bit of noise, I turn the volume down on my pre amp. If you see a B light up in the display, a bit perfect file made it to your mkii. Make sure all digital volume controls are at 100%.

Not sure if you know this, but the Bit Perfect files are in the Support section under Downloads. Here’s a link to them. There are two of them, if memory serves me right one is DSD and the other is 196/24. [Edit: oops … 24/192]

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I think they are 24/96 and 24/192.

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That makes more sense, but I looked at one and thought it said DSD. There should be some tips/instructions for using the files, but I can’t see them (if they’re there). I’m using an iPad so that might obscure some of the information …. Hope it helps you!

Got the “B” on all three Bitperfect flac files.

Secret (thanks to Yony) was to ensure digital volume was to 100%.

Thanks, Dave

I tried out the BitPerfect files (both,flac) on my fairly newly acquired DSD DAC MkI(?) (which I love with slight reservations). When I defeated all the digital manipulations in Roon, I got the words Bit Perfect near the upper left hand corner of the screen for about 1/4 second. Is this the desired reaction? Thanks!

Yes sir it is. Congrats!