Is anyone's Holo Red passing the Bitperfect test over USB?

I decided to make a new post for this, as it’s likely to go unnoticed where I started it in the Impressions thread.

I’ve been using the Red into my DS MkII over I2S. Has been working beautifully, and it passes the Bitperfect files test. I decided I’d like to try to listen via USB, so I first had to figure out how to do that. I’ll explain what I did, in case this may explain why the Bitperfect test fails over USB for me.

To get the USB to work, I first had to reboot the Mk.II (per Ted’s suggestion) after hooking up the USB cable (even though USB Power is set to On). Once I did, on the Red’s Web page at the top I then saw ‘PS Audio Extended Resolution US’. I had to select that and not ‘HOLO Audio UAC2.0 Gen2 - RED’ in order to get the USB to work. Anyway, once I did this I started getting music via USB, but now the Bitperfect test fails. If I go back to I2S, it passes.

Has anyone else gotten Bitperfect to work via the Red over USB?

Maybe. I’m on a MkII now so I wouldn’t know how to address the BII. The channels are not reversed with my MkII.

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You’ve got to change the first two dip switches on the bottom to what it says in the manual. If you left them like they came it is set up for Holo DAC’s

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Thanks for helping, Jack. So now to the original topic - has no one else tried the Bitperfect test over USB? I have. It fails. Passes perfectly over I2S.

Hello? Anybody there? :ear: Am I the only one concerned about getting bit perfect data out of this thing?

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bit perfect data sounds like the demeaned measurements

If it gives any incentive for anyone to test this and reply, this may have something to do with the white noise issues being worked on by Ted. We do want to help Ted, don’t we? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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