DirectStream DAC MKII Released

We are looking at launching a beta version this month. Finally, the parts are here and built and we are starting to assemble and test. Darren and I just finished our final listens to the Alpha units and we’re blown away. This is going to be a triumph.


I love the new look! Somehow the black one looks nicer in the picture than silver, but it does not match with rest of my PSA gear! This may be the hardest decision, and maybe I should try both and decide which one to keep. :face_with_monocle:

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If you speak of the Mk II…so is end of alpha phase until release really just a month or so (given you start to sell it in November as planned)?

My BHK 250, DSD, NPC, P15, PST, PWT are all Black my BHK Preamp is Silver. I like the contrast.


Everyone has opinions. Mine is I prefer not to have displays and I like the appearance of the Mk II.

Something like the Mola Mola Tambaqui fits my preferences perfectly, but I understand why people are drawn to more visual detail on their dacs.

More importantly, I’m excited to read some reviews of the Mk II! Hopefully they’ll be available in the next quarter or two.


I was under the impression from previous threads that the display introduces a fair amount of noise into the mix so maybe a smaller display translates to less noise introduced? Just a WAG on my part.


Got a jump start on the release, but exciting times all the same, what with beta testing kicking in soon. Ultimately this thread will be a fine space for early adopters, post beta, to share their experiences with the new Mk II prior to any formal published reviews. PSA has already generated much excitement by leaking out the unit specifications, potential release price and possible fair trade in allowance(s).

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Silver sound better :roll_eyes:


Does it come with the same remote as the later model DSD MK1?

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Not sure why you’d want a large fancy display on a DAC. I just hope I can clearly read the volume level from my sitting position.

Speaking of which, the display on the BHK preamp and PST are the same size, but the preamp display is much easier to see, as the numerals are larger. Wondering how they’ll be displayed on the DSDII?

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Black is best for a bright sounding system IME. :wink:


It creates blacker backgrounds.


I think it might be a good time for PSA to make an official statement about whether the trade in value with a Mk.I will be impacted if it’s been modified.

I’d suggest you contact theme directly. IIRC regarding the transformer many pursued upgrade the answer was trade in value would not be impacted, but this needs to be confirmed as much time has gone by since it was mentioned.

I was planning on doing just that, but as Paul announced they’ve only just now come out of Alpha, I’m not sure the sales team would have been given their marching orders in this.

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looks like it can be a worthy upgrade from my DS Jr. Not mentioned in the specs, but i see network connections comes as standard?

I’ve just been informed I’ve been selected to be a Beta tester. Guess unit will ship out at end of October. Pretty excited to say the least.
Will do my best to describe the experience on this board when I get it going


@gd7288 Nice!!!

Your ears are going to be our ears! Enjoy (and share, please).


I guess my days of being a beta tester are long past. :face_with_diagonal_mouth: It was nice being a part of that crew back in the day. Good luck, @gd7288 !

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