DirectStream Jr - Flickering Display

I’ve only had the DAC for a few days but noticed something yesterday that seemed odd. The display was flickering constantly. Is this something to be worried about and has anyone else observed this?

Unit has been running 24/7. It does seem to be fairly hot. Powered it down last night just in case.

That sounds like a hardware issue with the DSjr. Contact PS Audio Support.


I’m experiencing the same issue, also with a new unit.

What happens if you unplug the HDMI (I2s) cable?

My DSJ display screen is flickering away as described in this thread. Is this a known issue? All comes good when I do a hard reboot.

Whether known or not it’s an issue for you and I’m sure @jamesh PS Support will take care of it.

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Hi Kevjed,

I’m sorry to hear that it is flickering. How long after the hard reboot does it start flickering again? It does sound hardware related and we may need to replace your display. I will have customer service get in touch to get this resolved for you.


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Shoot those guys an email directly at and you’ll hear back from one of them very quickly.

Hi Matt,

Thanks for the follow up I will make contact later today.

With thanks


I’ve got to say that the PSAudio customer support has been great. Both in the US and the local Australian distribution network. I now have my DSJ back after a few bits were changed out and its back to as good as new. How great is it when a team collaborate. Thanks guys.