PS Audio DSD Jr. Problem

I have a problem with my Dac PS Audio Direcstream Jr, the screen starts to flicker, I turn it off with the remote control and the front key and it turns on again by its own. The only way to turn it off is from the back panel key. I’ve alreay installed Snowmass, the technical service changed the screen and the problem continues. I also tried to reset it but it doesn’t work neither. It is not a electric current problem, since I have a stabilizer and it is the only component of my Set that has this problem. I am very sad about this situation and I would appreciate if PS Audio or somebody could help me to solve this situation.

On my DSjr, I have the screen set to go dark after 10 seconds. I never really use the screen and my volume is set to 100 because I use a pre-amp. However, I have noticed after a period of time (days/weeks?), when I activate the screen, it is dim and flickering. In fact, it’s doing it right now. Doesn’t really bother me. Power-cycling the system “fixes” it.

If you have an I2S device that’s providing 5V power on pin 18 of the HDMI cable you are powering the whole DAC, but you probably don’t have a power supply that can provide roughly 2A.

Your I2S device might have a switch to control the 5V output.

Providing 5V may cause a slight loss in sound quality, but more importantly unplug your I2S connector before powering the DS (or DS Jr) off.

There are a lot of threads about this problem, some of their suggestions.

You need to blank out pin 18.

I’m thinking about getting one of these as a permanent solution -
I’m going to try in without feeding it with the USB so no 5V.