DSD Display Panel Flickering

Turned my system on this morning and noticed the DSD Sr. DAC’s display panel is flickering. It still sounds great.

Thoughts anyone?

Do you have a non-PS Audio I2S device plugged in thru an HDMI cable? It might be fighting with the DS’s 5V supply.

(Unrelated) Have you tried powering the DS off for a few minutes and then back on?

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I’ve been using a Matrix X-SPDIF 2 for well over 2 years and never experienced (or noticed anyway) any flickering. I’m powering the Matrix with a Small Green Computer Linear Power Supply set to 6V. I’m using a 0.7 meter WireWorld Platinum Silver HDMI cable.

When I first noticed the flickering, I cycled power on the entire system. The problem remained. Hoping nothing would go wrong, I let the music play. After about 2 hours, the flickering stopped.

I’ll power up the system tomorrow and let you know what happens, or if it returns at some future point.

The Matrix isn’t a problem. There are other I2S devices that can be a problem if they are configured to provide 5V over the HDMI cable.

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DSD display is still flickering. Any idea on the cause or what my next course of action should be?

@jamesh might be able to help you here or talk to PS Audio support.

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Sounds like the backlight on the display is giving up?

Does it change or adjust at all depending on the display’s dimness level? If you have unplugged all of the cables except for the power cable, it’s likely that the display is on the way out.