Directstream Junior I2s input native DSD


Manual for this input say that it support DSD directly or DoP. I have Hydra Z from Audiobyte and it output from I2s only native and I don’t have sound for it. PCM works OK. I don’t have DoP source for I2s to check if that works. So does it support native DSD stream or not ?

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If I remember right, it will be able to accept a native DSD signal over I2S without it needing to be DOP. It is limited to double rate DSD, so something to check on there.

Maybe @tedsmith has an idea of what could be going on here.

There’s little to go wrong with native DSD. Check that the source is sending single or double rate DSD. (2.8224 or 5.6448 MHz). Some sources have the option of DSD at 64 × 48k (3.072 MHz…) which isn’t supported. What sample rate and format does the screen display when you are sending DSD?

At the moment for test I’m using 2.8224 so DSD64. I use HQPlayer for that purpose. Program works without problem on T+A DAC8 DSD on USB input with native DSD.

I can play DoP on DSJ S/pdif from HQPlayer.

Sorry, but to make sure, the Jr is displaying DSD64? If so, then the input is working fairly reliably but the incoming data is either all zero, all ones, or close to 50/50. That sounds like either your source isn’t PS Audio compatible or it’s missconfigured. I don’t have any experience with the Hydra Z, so perhaps an owner of one or perhaps @jamesh can help.

Jr display nothing on I2s input. No star tag on it. It display DSD64 when I change to coax input.

I don’t have any experience with it either. I don’t know why this would be the case, but it could be doing something weird with the native DSD output stream that the DSJ isn’t liking.

That’s the distinction I was trying to ask about. There are may be settings somewhere on the I2S source for inverting the polarity of the clock and possibly the data, if so try them both ways.
Also you should try a bit perfect test:

@MarcinGD, see this post and check the Hydra Z manual:

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Hi all.

Thanks for some outputs. I sent email to Audiobyte to get a pinout of Hydra Z. As for the moment I altered polarity with jumpers for SDATA nad WCLK as for other Audiobyte products those two are different from PSAudio. MCLK I don’t mind because it’s internal in Junior.

It didn’t changed and still no input for DSD.

I sent also question to Frode how and if he managed to play DSD on his Directstream with Hydra Z.

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I will just leave some positive feedback for the future reference.

I was in contact with Andrei from Audiobyte regarding my problem. He then contacted PS Audio to confirm DSD detection is done same way on both devices. To be sure everything is right he sent me then latest firmware for my unit and after update process music started to magically flow.

Straight away I got massive upgrade with soundstage and more euphoric sound signature.