Jriver MC23 native playback of DSD doesn't work on the Directstream DAC

My Directstream DAC will not play native DSD (64 & 128) files from Jriver MC23 without converting them to PCM. If you turn the ‘bitstreaming’ option on in JRMC you get what sounds like white noise. The front panel of DS DAC properly reports the DoP encoded stream but noise results. I was hoping to be able to play my DSD library natively. I have disabled the volume control in JRMC which has fixed the problem in the past but that does not help. Bitstreaming is supposed to bypass the audio engine processing in JRMC anyway.

I tried Sygnalist HQ Player and it does successfully play DSD128 on the DS DAC so it must be something fishy with JRMC. Any clues as to what may be going on?

My system is a Mac Mini connected to the DS DAC via USB. I am running the latest DS DAC firmware, Redcloud.

I think native DSD may only be supported over I2S.

Never mind, I fixed it. In JRMC you have to enable Options -> Audio -> Audio Device -> Device Settings -> Core Audio Settings -> Integer Mode.


Sorry, I misunderstood the question. “Native DSD” generally refers to DSD that has not been packaged as DoP. That only works over I2S on the DS, if I recall correctly. Apparently you were using the term to mean “not converted to PCM.”

Yes. DSD data packaged as DoP is still DSD to my thinking.

From the Jriver Wiki help:
DSD over PCM packs DSD into a PCM-like signal for bitstreaming. This is not a conversion to PCM, but a native DSD signal packed into a PCM container.

DSD packaged as DoP is definitely still DSD, but it’s no longer “native” DSD. That’s the (very minor) distinction I was trying to make. DoP and native DSD should sound exactly the same, although some people probably think that native DSD is better.