Directstream Junior voltage switchable?

Hi PS Audio community,

Can someone tell me if a Directstream Junior unit from the States can be switched to 230/240V 50Hz – power system in New Zealand – by the user?



Hi Jimmy, it cannot.

Thanks Paul. Is it something your service department can do if the DSJ was sent to you?

Voltage changes are typically handled by our distributors. If, for example, you were moving from the States to New Zealand, you would contact the local distributor to update your gear. Depending on the product, it is not too expensive. However, if you’re already in a country and import the unit from the States, then they’re likely not going to help. The units are actually different (depending on which) and we depend upon our distributors to handle all repairs, conversions etc. since each country is specific.

OK thanks Paul. I will investigate using a 230V-110V step-down transformer to change the supply instead of converting the unit.

Sure, though I would recommend finding an older Power Plant - like a P300 - to do that for you if you can. Step down transformers raise impedance and you won’t get best performance. If you purchase a used P300 - the US model - there’s a switch inside for the voltage and that’s a clean way to do this.

Good to know – I’ll keep an eye out for a P300.