Directstream p12 under voltage limit


Could anyone explain this under voltage protection with the p12

Under Voltage Limit
Continuous -10% of setting 15 sec duration -15% of setting Continuous -10% of setting

I’m finding the p3 very sensitive to low voltage dropouts (nothing else in the house or ups’s are flagging this) and wondering if the p12 is a better solution to deal with this.


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They should be about the same and one doesn’t have a better ability to handle power sags that the other. This is because there’s no way for the regenerator to make power if it drops below a certain level (like a UPS might). If you have a serious drop out problem you might consider adding a good quality UPS before the Power Plant. If you do that make sure it is the kind that does not do anything but pass the wall power unless there is a drop out in which case it kicks in. And, make sure it is a pure sine wave output when it does kick in.

Thankyou Paul,

Could you please make a product reccomendation for a UPS at all? I do have a APC smart ups 1500 floating around but not sure if it meets the criteria.

If possible could you also please explain the low voltage spec of Continuous -10% of setting 15 sec duration -15% of setting?


Hi Barbz,
I own P15, which may or may not be different in terms of handling voltage fluctuations.
So please bear with me as I relay my personal experience. I bought the P15 because my Dectet would trip a few times a day. After installing the P15, I realised how wild my incoming voltage was. Depending on time of the day, and time of the year, I was getting anythign from 223 all the way upto 240+ volts. My P15 never ceased delivering since October 2019. Below is a sample around Xmas time.

Is this specifically from the P3’s manual?

From the P12 specs online

Gotcha, sorry I meant P12. Essentially what that spec means is the P12 will operate continuously if the incoming voltage is no less than 10% of the user set output voltage. If the output voltage is set to 120V, the P12 will run fine if the incoming voltage doesn’t drop below 108V. The P12 will operate for 15 seconds if the incoming voltage were to drop to 102V. Obviously some variability in how it runs in between 102V and 108V incoming.

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Would you know if this is a function of the P3 also or p12 and up?

Just want to make sure my current p3 doesnt have the same features and the sags are just too low.

All of the PowerPlants should perform about the same in this way. There will be some slight variance, but in practice should all be about the same.

Something like this: would be fine. It stays out of the way until called upon.