Regenerator behavior when power goes out

Yesterday we had a one- or two-second power outage at my house. My P12 turned off all the outlets (red icons) but continued to receive power, as shown by the fact that the home screen was still illuminated. (This was useful since I didn’t have to worry that a fuse had blown.)

I power cycled the P12 using the main switch on the back. The unit re-initialized and all is now well. But this got me thinking that I don’t know how the P12 is supposed to behave when things happen.

I’ve now experienced what happens in the case of a power outage, even a very short one. What about something more significant, such as a surge? Does the entire unit shut down? Is anything other than a reboot required in such situations? And what is that button on the back labeled “push to reset“ for?

None of this is in the manual, by the way, and it should be.

For each power regenrator model, the spec sheet part on the product web page shows the under voltage limit, over voltage limit, peak current surge, peak voltage surge, and clamp level voltage.