P12 shows ridiculous low input voltage

Let me start by saying that I’m a big fan of PS Audio and Paul. A proud owner of PS Audio Stellar phono and the PS Audio DS DAC.

Watching Paul’s daily video I decided to purchase a P12 with high hopes. Unfortunately, the experience was not to the PS Audio brand quality.

It took the unit 3 months to arrive (I assume parts shortage due to COVID). I connected everything as the manual suggested and it seemed fine till I noticed the OUTPUT voltage is very unstable and goes below 118V.
I contacted the PS Audio service team and they were incredibly helpful. Morris reviewed the “power play” data coming out of the unit and suggested a replacement unit and a pre payment for shipment of the faulty unit. Class act.

Fast forward two weeks; 2nd new unit arrived; seemed to work fine for 48hrs and today it’s all went south. The unit reporting that the voltage IN is at 13v
(Yes 13v!!!) and as such an “auto shutdown” initiated.

I should mention that I keep the unit always on (standby), we didn’t had any power outage and all other electronic components in my HiFi system plus household appliances working perfectly fine which will not be the case if the voltage in was really at 13v.

I turned off the unit completely from the switch on the back and allowed the unit to rest for few minutes.
I then connected the unit to a different outlet in a different room (different circuit) ,changed ac cable (AQ Thunder) but unfortunately getting same reporting. I also reset the unit to factory setting but that didn’t work as well.

Did anyone experience such a behavior from their P12? What can be the reason ? Any idea how to fix ?

Thank you

My P12 regenerator quit regulating voltage early in the warranty period. I sent it in for repair… It turned out to be a loose cable inside the unit. My P5 from 2012 is still working well - it has never required service.

Thank You for your response.
I wonder if COVID impacting parts and/or assembly quality ? I mean this is the 2nd unit (out of 2) that turned out to be faulty after 2-3 days of moderate use.

My guess is it is an unfortunate coincidence, very frustrating.

Unknown on why the failures……they’ll make it right, but I get the frustration.

  • update ; Morris from the PS Audio service team is on top of the issue and been very kind and helpful.
    Suspicion is that there are compatibility issues between the P12 to the fact I’m using solar panels to power the house. The unit will ship to PS Audio for further investigation.

Seems strange that might be a compatibility problem with your solar panels.
If possible, I would plug it in at a neighbors house without solar panels and see how it works.

Solar can certainly cause some odd behavior, but this is different from anything I’ve ever seen. I too would highly recommend bringing it to a neighbor’s house or possibly a friend that is not running solar and see what the behavior is like.


I have Solar PV. ----Since 2010.

Are you using a battery storage system? My solar panels feed the grid, and I get power from the grid. I’ve had a P5 since 2012 and a P12 since 2019.

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Great inputs and suggestions. Unfortunately, the unit is packed and on its way to PS Audio for further investigation

I had an email exchange with Paul and while the team will continue the investigation, once the unit arrives at PSA, he also suspect that solar panels might present a problem to a Power Plant as they depend on single ended power (hot and neutral) and when balanced (with solar system) they might not work well.

No battery storage.
Very strange why it’s not working in my house

Like James said, try it a neighbors house without Solar PV.

I would be surprised if solar is the problem, but that certainly would help rule it out.

I don’t know your setup, but can’t you disengage the Solar PV via a switch. Probably depends on the build date. Mine allows that to prevent back voltage into the grid when it’s switched off.

Thanks. Great suggestions. Unfortunately, I shipped the unit to PSA earlier today. Will see what the PS Audio team says once they have the unit.