DirectStream red cloud vs hugo2/qutest/dave


I guess the DS will further improve in attack and impact as it greatly did with redcloud. In my case it’s not yet where vinyl is, which in my setup still has better attack (especially when using a solid state instead of the tube phonoamp) and more impact/energy/life generally. But the DS is so good that it’s not obvious when listening to it exclusively for some time.

From everything else I read, I’m quite sure I’d prefer it to the Chord.


Oh, won’t that be wonderful. I’m going to CAF to have a listen.


Any idea why all the noise issues in your particular setup?

Have you considered moving up a couple of steps to a dedicated music server, like Small Green Computer vs a Windows laptop?


JLM, Ted Smith is doing a TSS DAC almost exclusively to get rid of noise. I’m doing my small part using optical input …and then condition the metal power cable as best as I can.
Perhaps a dedicated server produces a noise free usb …but a $50 toslink solution works 100%.
Why drive past a chicken farm? Even with the windows closed and fan off you take the chance of catching a whiff. Just take a different route.


Just seems like you’re driving a long way out of your way to avoid the chicken farm that I haven’t found in nearly 50 years of listening. Server could connect via Ethernet cable which according to Paul is way, way better than USB and especially coax or (gasp) optical.

BTW, what’s a “TSS DAC”?


Ted Smith Signature. At least that’s what Ted and Paul have as the working name.
Regarding the pursuit of noise free audio decoding …it’s worth it in whatever means you want to go. I can still hear improvements beyond the point where I thought I was fully satisfied. I won’t be able to afford the TSS but im sure some tech will filter down to DS.