Directstream SR/JR Whats in the Box?


Am looking to a possible DS Sr/Jr purchase. What comes in the factory carton? DAC, power cord, sd card??.


plus a printed manual that is very likely outdated, download the current and read the forums. Loads of info here.

Here’s a new one for a great price. Shameless plug for a stand-up forum member @bootzilla


You’ll get a remote control as well.


My DSJ came with white gloves and batteries for the remote, but no SD card.


Pretty certain that with the Sr. at least you’ll receive a PS Audio HDMI cable.


Are you sure re Sr came with PSA HDMI cable? I don’t remember seeing one for me.


Only the DMP ships with an HDMI cable. Not the DSD Sr.


Ah makes sense, thanks. Confusion is normal for me.