Directstream Sr or Jr

Hi all interested in your thoughts and experience as I’m changing some in my hifi system

What dac would you suggest to drive a bhk250,
the Directstream Dac mk1 with bridgeII or the Directstream Jr? Initially without a preamp but I’m looking as well for a used bhk preamp.
Connected to Speaker Dali Epicon 6 with Dali P10 DSS sub

Currently using a lyngdorf tdai 2170 as preamp and dac and a innuos streamer


A DSD Mk1 would be a great stepping stone, I’d skip the bridge and go with an Even Solo DMP A6 if your budget allows for it. Down the road you can add a preamp as you see fit.

I have no skin in the game, but you may be interested in this, even though it is Silver:

DSD Mk 1 with Bridge

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The DS Sr. MK I with a Bridge II would be a better choice, in my opinion.

You can take your time auditioning “better” Ethernet Bridges and/or streamers over time and upgrade as budget allows.

The DS Jr. has a built in bridge that you cannot improve upon.

I am not familiar with the Lyngdorf so I can’t speak to how the PSA kit might compare to your current DAC.

Have fun.

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What are you looking for in a DAC? Just those with a built in streamer? What is it about the DirectStream that has made it to your list?

I’m very happy with my DSJ but I don’t think it’s the best choice for a lot of people (because I think very few care about PS Audio’s ‘approach’ (for lack of a better term) to DSD and that DS upsamples everything to 20x DSD all of the time, I believe this is what separates the DS from nearly everything else). Point being, no need to spend DS money to get a great DAC. Bifrost 2 (OG) and Border Patrol SE-i are two I can recommend for pure sound quality, and neither do any DSD whatsoever!

Also, unless things have changed, the Jr’s internal bridge cannot be repaired or replaced since it’s no longer made. This could have changed with the influx of trade-ins but I am not betting on it. If the network bridge is important I would go Sr. for this reason alone. I wish I did.

I own both. If you can make use of two I2S ports grab the Sr. If you can’t, grab the Jr. Both serve well. I also like that the Bridge is built into the Jr. I am one of the rare Bridge II users who loves and appreciates it.