Should I purchase the PS Audio Junior DAC or the PS Audio DirectStream DAC with a bridge

Hi All,

I’m new to the forum and I am after some advice.

I have the PS Audio P10 Power Plant and love it.

I would like to add another PS Audio component to my system.

Just not sure whether to purchase a PS Audio Junior DAC or go for its big brother PS Audio Directstream DAC with the bridge. I note that the Junior is no longer being sold on the PS Audio website and not sure how much longer support will be available, if I go down that path. I also note that Ted was displaying a two unit combo (power & DAC), not sure how long before that will be commercially available and how it will impact upon the longevity of the Junior or the Directstream. Looking for some advice and assistance with this decision.

I currently use TIDAL with a micro Rendu through a basic DAC (chord) into my system. I use it daily for a number of hours, in the background whilst working.

Thanking you in anticipation.

I’d go with a Directsteam DAC with bridge or wait for the TSS which I’m sure will be amazing if your budget allows. I own the Directstream DAC and love it!
I’m sure the Jr will be supported for some time.

Is there a timeline of a TSS DAC?

I asked Paul that question and he is hoping for the second quarter 2020!

Bated breath :slight_smile:
Lampi/DCS competitor?

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I’d go with the Directstream DAC without the optional Bridge II, use the saved $$ to buy the Matrix x-spdif 2 and in future eventually buy Bridge III


Except the Matrix doesn’t buy you streaming.

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I think I read somewhere that a Bridge III is coming sometime next year. Not sure if it will be usable with the DirectStream DAC. Might be worth calling PS Audio about it.

They haven’t even started on it or “officially” decided that they will peruse a Bridge III. Obviously, I’m no one but…it’s a long way off. I wish it weren’t so. I’m a big Bridge II fan but am looking elsewhere these days.

I say buy the DSD, skip the Bridge2, nothing but a hassle!

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There are other posts on the PS Audio forums… do some searches.

I owned the Junior and Senior… I liked the sound of the Junior better as it was more comfortable. However with the new Sowmass update… they are both comparable to me… I could be very happy with either as when it comes to enjoying music, I can’t say one is better than the other. The Junior is a fabulous sounding unit.

However, I had some firmware problems with the Junior and it really bothered me… PS Audio had an upgrade program to the Senior so I took it.

I never used the bridge and never had a problem with the USB connection to a computer. It just works.

Bruce in Philly

But… he’s already streaming with Micro Rendu through a chord DAC, what’s the problem to go Micro Rendu->usb->matrix->hdmi->directstream ???

Sorry, didn’t read the whole thing! Should before I open my big trap.

P.S. I’m looking at the optical Rendu (leaving my beloved Bridge II) pretty hard.

Since when has the Junior DAC become a choice again?

El Cheapo when used, PS Audio stated to service the DSjr for years to come…