Directstream Sr to Elac Navis ARB 51 active speakers + sub ?! (PAUL?)

Paul quit confused about how to set up a sub. You really need to make a vid showing how this is down with both Active and Passive speakers. Don’t just talk about it. SHOW IT.

That said… I just bought a DSD SR and the Navis will be here wed.

How the hell do I add a sub to these active speakers ONLY using the DSD as a preamp?

I can buy a REL or JL… whatever is easiest

Thanks for the help!!!

Please correct me if i am wrong.

Looking at the Elac Navis inputs being both xlr and rca with NO output… it woudl seem the only way to connect a sub using the DSD sr woudl be via a y XLR or RCA and then into the Sub.

is this correct?


in this scenario would it be best to use 2 subs. I for each channel?

thanks for the help guys

It can sometimes be difficult to find within what has been discussed before. So if I might help…

You need to buy two of these and turn your DS DAC into dual XLR outputs. One output to your power amps, the other to your subwoofer.

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Dual subs have advantages over single subs. Daisy chain them together with a common stereo signal (although if I understand correctly, your subs have no pass-through output, in which case your connection choice becomes mono L + R for each subwoofer).

ELAC Navis are not Subs they are active speakers.

therefore in theory what you suggest is this sub isolator splitter. one xlr to speaker and one to sub.

question is since booth r and l will be split coming from the dsd sr is it best to have TWO subs one for the rt and lt or can i just use 1?

Also… these damn things are a 1K each!!!

will they really make that much difference??? vs using a Y for rt and left?

the damn sub isolator you suggest cost as much as a single sub!

This was your question…I assumed you want to connect your DS Dac’s single XLR output to a sub-woofer and something else. If that is what you want to do, my suggestion above will work. If you want to do it properly, that is how much it costs.

Appreciate the response!

And makes sense


Do these $1k splitters really make a big diff in SQ vs using Y splitter?

Can anyone answer this?

Also is there A similar product to the one you mention that is more affordable???

would not this be similar but a whole lot cheaper???

r and l Y xlr in to this then to subs???

also… watching pauls vid.

so based on what he is saying I can run XLR from a BHK Signature pre direct to the Elac Navis and then use the 2 RCA r/l to run to the sub.

you might be thinking well you need to buy a BHK Sig!

thats right… I can get one for $3K… and you suggest 2 dongles for $2K!!.. outrageous… id rather drop an extra G and get the BHK sig preamp!

paul watching your other vid CONTRADICTS your former vid

you say in 1 vid run RCA out to sub and xlr to amp/active speakers (in my case) out of BHK preamp


you say you prefer splitting the signal out of the preamp before it hits the amp…

so if im not mistaken in my case you are saying split the XLR or RCA out of the BHK PRE (or in this case also the DS SR??) run one rca direct to the ELAC navis and then COMBINE the r/l RCA split meant for the sub into the r/l rca inputs on the sub.


I output from my DSJ XLR outputs to two ProSonus T10 subs that output via XLR into my JBL 708P active monitors. The T10’s are $400 10 inch ported professional subs, XLR/TRS/RCA stereo inputs, XLR/TRS stereo outputs, and XLR pass through (to more subs). I have them crossed over at 80 Hz, both low pass and high pass filters. Note that I also have a third sub (for carefully distributed bass to minimize in-room bass peaks/dips) connected to the DSJ via both RCA outputs.


Sorry if I am confusing. I would always run XLKR to my main amplifier and then use the remaining RCA to feed the subwoofers. I would do this since the XLR sounds the best and to a sub it shouldn’t matter.

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Ok. It this mode you suggest.

XLRs to active speakers
RCA to sub

Can be used on the DS sr alone?

Or only with the bhk pre?

Keep in mind I do not have the bhk pre. I have the DS sr.

I read on ps audio site that you should not feed speakers and sub with the DS ??

What is the solution for DS sr only?

Yes, that is what Paul is saying, on a DS Senior only. Don’t know where you read speakers and sub with the DS.

As I mentioned, I have 3 subs and 2 active monitors all connected to a DSJ.

How is the sound quality?

In the DirectStream manual they discourage the direct input to subs from the DS. This is why I was asking.

I run stereo L & R via XLR directly from my DSDsr to my sub’s XLR’s inputs. The L & R signals are then high passed through my sub’s crossover at 80 Hz and sent via XLR to my monoblock amps.

Sound is stunning!


what subs are you using?

2 much better tha 1?

I have a single Dyaudio 9S studio sub ( which pairs well with my Dynaudio Confidence C 1’s.

Perhaps two subs are better but I’m completely happy with the sound in my listening room so no need to keep experimenting.

see above … the chaps mention you should isolate the active speakers/main amps from the sub. seems in your chain you would not get this.

wonder if their SQ is much better doing the isolation either via their suggestions or doing xlr to actives and rca to sub.

anyone ACTUALLY A/B this versus spewing theory?

I’m not using actives so I guess my set up isn’t relevant to your situation.