DIY Books as "Diffuser"


It is a work in progress, but I think this is just the ticket for my oddly shaped room and rear wall:

IMG_4857.jpgHere are the brackets I am using


Finished “product”:



How does it sound?

My experience, and that of others, is books act as mid-range absorbers not diffusers. But this can be a good thing. :slight_smile:


Well, your post is very timely. I did a little research this afternoon and learned something – books (with their paper and cardboard material) tend to act more as an absorber than as a diffuser. In my ignorance, I had assumed that the irregular depth of the spines on the wall would scatter at least some frequencies. Not so; apparently.

That said, I am still working through my go-to reference material to try and discern whether my efforts have helped or hindered (or simply created some additional shelf spaceembarassed.) I just finished tucking books into the open spaces yesterday, but so far I get the impression that there is a bit less smearing of distinct “images” in certain, well recorded material - kind of like a voice or an instrument is more specifically there, in a particular place - if that makes sense. But I may be experiencing some expectation bias. More listening is needed. I definitely have not heard any deleterious effects yet.


The absorption may be beneficial in your application. I doubt it will cause any problems.


Maybe the wording itself inside the DIY book can be used as a diffuser? facepalm-smiley-emoticon_gif