PS Audio 'diffuser'


Wouldn’t this look great in Octave Records space? I don’t believe it would be an effective diffuser as the thread asks/explores but it looks very cool!

Source: Cool idea for a diffusor if it would work


looks cool to me :slight_smile:

Looks cooler than what I use although this RWL-3 from Acoustic Revive does work when placed behind my ML EML speakers. Also worked very well when I was using Quads.

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I just picked up a pair of these and have been impressed with them between my speakers. The 2nd coat of tung oil is curing outside right now.


Wow! I love this and yes it would look cool in Octave’s new studio.

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My band saw gets tired just looking at that.

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Seeing this and my first thought was why not just repurpose type setter boxes? Typically average price is in the $20-$30 range. No finishing required.

One would still need to source and cut the varying height blocks to fill the array and that depth would limit the effectiveness significantly. The linked unit deepest wells are 2.5" deep. Deeper wells extends the lowest frequencies diffused. I need to be able to move and store them so of course there is a limit to the practical size. These should be effective between ~800hz and 4000hz based on my research. I’ve asked the seller for more data but I don’t expect a response that’s terrible meaningful.

With wood prices these days I could easily justify purchasing the complete unit(s) vs. the time and money to build. Though given the choice a couple of years ago I would have built them, a fun project.

Looking forward to your final decision and the results. I’d think if you were unhappy with the Amazon listed item you could return it. Not much risk there.